Indie Music and Music Business News with Jacqueline Jax 8.21 New Music Monday

Indie Music and Music Business News with Jacqueline Jax 8.21 New Music Monday

Indie Music and Music Business News with Jacqueline Jax 8.21 New Music Monday


– Tech advances alter hierarchy of music industrY
– Learn How 
Spotify’s playlists have changed music for ever


Featured on the show:

John Cody and The Future Rivals-   Close Call
Genre / Sub-genre : Rock,Alternative Rock
John Cody and the Future Rivals, a Portland Oregon based band serving up a timeless mix of indie and alt. country songs. Cody wears his rock ‘n’ roll influences on his sleeves with soaring guitars, timeless melodies and insightful lyrics for a unique sound. The North Carolina native grew up playing and singing in his local church, developing his skills over the years. Progressing to playing in local bands as a teen, Cody has honed his authentic style over the years, working with a variety of artists. Close Call is opening track of the 5 song EP Demolution, released earlier this year.

Kids On Bridges – Something in the water
Liverpool UK Alternative Electronic Band
Fresh from a support slot with Grammy Award Winner Beck and shows with The Hot 8 Brass Band, Soulwax and Calvin Harris, the Liverpool trio unleash a new single ‘Just Because You Can’.  The track is a heavy pounding Stones groove akin to ‘Undercover of the Night’ with a Gang of Four riff thrown in for good measure, giving Kids On Bridges a unique sound, one that is so fresh you could eat it! Impact date 23rd 6th 2017


Across Centauri –  Lost Perfection
Born from death, Across Centauri was formed by James Morris as a tribute to his late brother, Chris, who used to help him compose music for film projects. Joined by his friend Perry Stotts and his sister Michelle, the trio set out to create something unique, inspirational, and reflective of the emotions and struggles we all experience while passing through life.


Brian Iannucci – By The Water
Genre :Pop Country, Country, singer-songwriter
From St. Augustine, Florida, Brian Iannucci is a singer/ songwriter with an eclectic musical background. Brian combines aspects of country, pop, and blues to produce a unique sound. As a piano player, Brian brings a different feel to the genre of country music. Brian’s lyrics and vocals provide a deep, thoughtful, and entertaining musical experience! Brian has performed with former members of Lynyrd Skynyrd.


EMERYLD- Sorry Charlie
Indie-Pop/singer songwriter.
I would describe my music as a fusion of modern and older genres influenced by Soul/Jazz. I grew up listening to Chet Baker, Etta James, and Frank Sinatra, to name a few. This song is a 1940’s ish story about a woman who finds out that her past lover is now with a new woman and the measures she takes to get revenge on him. It was so fun to write. It started out with this Charlie Chaplin type video idea that Koko and I had. At the ‘ripe’ age of 20, Emeryld is a soulful singer/songwriter/keyboardist much beyond her years.
At just 17 years old, she graduated 5 months early from high school in her hometown of Dallas, TX, bought a one way ticket to LA and was on a plane to Los Angeles the next day to pursue her career. She recently released her first music video and song “Sorry Charlie” in May 2017 following her single ‘Sweet Amnesia’ which has has gained much attention on Soundcloud and Spotify.  In the Fall of 2014, she was 1 of 4 people selected by AMERICAN IDOL to compete in their AMERICA’S CHOICE contest. With such an early start she has played many iconic venues/festivals such as SXSW, Austin City Limits, and House Of Blues Los Angeles and Dallas, TX. In 2013 she was selected as an Independent Music Award Semi-Finalist for her original song “Me and You”.  She was also featured in Tunecore’s compilation album and all of her music has been given spots on Reverbnation’s “featured artist of the week”. Some of Emeryld’s biggest influences are Elton Johns, Etta James, and Tame Impala.
Link to play::
Instagram: @EmeryldMusic

Katie Bates- Naked
You hear all these songs about hooking up or like a one night stand.  I’m not that type of girl so I wrote a song about meeting someone and just getting to know them.  When you see the song title “Naked”, everyone takes it literal.  Its about stripping down somebody’s walls and getting to know the person inside and out.  Since it is called “Naked” I wanted to keep it a sexy vibe.  I’m really proud of it and I hope everyone likes it too.
Randy Steele- Northbound 29
Genre / Sub-genre : Americana/Bluegrass
 If you could combine the influences of John Steinbeck, Earl Scruggs, and Miles Davis and place them into a singer songwriter, the results might sound like Chattanooga Tennessee’s own Randy Steele. Since his introduction into the southeast music establishment fronting the award winning Slim Pickins Bluegrass Band, he has consistently been a part of legendary live performances on some of the region’s biggest stages. With the 2013 release of the band’s self titled album, the first taste of his songwriting skills were released to Internet and Radio programs across the nation. This ushered in show requests from North Carolina to California and ultimately a wildly successful European tour in the Summer of 2016. While these milestones were accumulating, Randy continued to write and record. In the winter of 2015/2016 he drug the band and some friends to the legendary Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals Alabama and laid down the first tracks of what would become his first solo album, “Songs from the Suck”. Released in December of 2016, the album combines the Bluegrass and Blues roots he planted decades before with a knack for poignant storytelling. The songs have a familiar sound, containing heartfelt lyrical content blanketed by interesting chord structures and slick musicianship. The song “Mobile Soon” from the album recently placed 3rd in the Circa Blue Songwriting competition. While continuing Banjo and Vocal duties with Slim Pickins Bluegrass Band, Steele’s addition of this solo album and subsequent live shows will be something to witness.

KARA NICHOLE – He’s coming back
Genre / Sub-genre : CHRISTIAN / GOSPEL
“Kara Nichole” Robinson is an American Gospel and Contemporary Christian recording artist, songwriter, girls “life-coach” and mom. She has had the privilege of sharing the stage with great artists as: Martha Munizzi, Donnie McClurkin, Wintley Phipps; just to name a few! In December 2012 she released her first album [EP] entitled, “Kara-Nichole”, in 2016 released her second album [EP] “Happy”, and now you and her current fans can enjoy the newest album [EP] “He’s Coming Back” released on 5 August 2017 that was produced by Levester White (Mandate Records), Tim Saiza (Saiza Inc. Records), and Wayne Hill (Golden World Music). This album features genres from Reggae “He’s Coming Back” and Calypso “You Understand” to Pop “You’re all I Need”, and back to her passion of contemporary Christian music. These songs reflect the current issues we struggle with today (Love Knows No Color) and also show how much God truly loves us and looks past our sins (You Still Love Me). This EP has it all! You can download or purchase a hardcopy of this album and more on most digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby Spotify) you will be glad you did!


Marina V – Born to the Stars
Marina V is an award-winning Russian-American recording pop artist, singer and songwriter with a “hauntingly beautiful” voice (LA TIMES). Classically trained in her hometown of Moscow, Marina has been singing and writing songs since she was a child.  She won a prestigious scholarship and came to America at 15 to pursue her American Dream, releasing several albums and touring the world since (from the famed Kodak Theatre in Hollywood to the American Embassy in Moscow.)  A versatile songwriter, Marina has written songs for films, video games and ads such as PEPSI, and has licensed her songs everywhere from NBC, CBS and SONY to OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, Lifetime and The National Geographic.  She is a recent recipient of The Los Angeles Music Critic Award and an award from Sir Bob Geldof.  Based in Los Angeles, the self-described workaholic is getting ready to release her new album, INNER SUPERHERO. Check out the latest news at
New video:


ConSio – My Alibi (ft Sofia Bartra & JJ Killa) 
ConSio is an up and coming Hip-Hop Artist from Birmingham, Alabama who is taking the Atlanta music scene by storm. ConSio’s MUSIC is described as Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B. His musical influences range from Flo Rida, Lupe Fiasco, B.o.B to Outkast, 2Pac and Nas. ConSio has been working alongside talented producer Jason Andrews of Spotlight Sound Studios.–jj




Amanie ILLFated – Ultimate Candy
amanie [a-mah-nee] : noun
1) to be hated against (Kakwa) 2) wishes (Arabic) 3) peace (Swahili)
Amanie Illfated is a Toronto based, and Sudanese-born, pop singer who incorporates dynamic lyrics with an eclectic, often ethnic, sound. Her sophomore album, ‘amanie illfated’, (November 2015), is a candid expression of amanie illfated’s paradox-like nature, high fashion styling, metaphoric lyrics, her diary-like motif and her clear-toned, youthful voice. Advance singles ‘ultimate candy’ and a collaboration called ‘You & Me’ with international artist Yaba Angelosi (Assida Records) are in circulation. illfated [il-fay-tid] : noun  1) the sarcasm one gets when succeeding in what others had deemed unattainable  2) destined, as through by fate, to an unhappy or unfortunate end  3) bringing bad fortune




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