A.V.A Live Music Spin with Chris Michaud

A.V.A Live Music Spin with Chris Michaud


Join hosts Jacqueline Jax and Steve Minotti as they get up close and personal with Chris Michaud this Thursday August 18th at 10pm EST.


Chris Michaud is a twenty-six year old singer/songwriter from Litchfield, New Hampshire. But even while growing up on all genres of music, it wasn’t until after high school that he began to develop an appreciation for songwriting. It was then that his father gave him his first acoustic guitar.

Two years and a dozen songs later, Chris made the move to Brookline, Massachusetts to put himself in the thick of the Boston music scene. It was there and then that Chris’ personal style really began to take shape. Playing at various open micas in Boston and Cambridge earned him enough credibility to start playing more serious shows at colleges, universities, and a host of other venues.

In the fall of 2009, Chris spent a weekend at Rocking Horse Studios in Pittsfield, NH to record his first EP. Co-produced by Chris, his brother Jeff Michaud and the studio’s owner Brian Coombes, “Connect the Dots” was a collection of modest yet thoughtful acoustic tracks complimented by a studio backing band. Adorned with light drums, bass, cello, and piano, the EP proves to be a noteworthy freshman effort from this unique songwriter.

With plenty more songs in tow, Michaud plans to record the follow up to “Connect the Dots” in the fall of 2011.

With an arsenal of well versed lyrics and a well rounded style, Chris now has a loyal and increasingly large following that continues to grow every day. Chris Michaud is now based in South Florida, playing venues like Kevro’s Art Bar, the Funky Buddha Lounge, and the Design Center of the Americas.

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