On behalf of all the staff at A.V.A Live Radio we want to acknowledge and celebrate this Memorial day by sharing a blog that our host, Jacqueline Jax put together sharing photos and acknowledgments made by some of the artists, fans and contributors to our show. Please take a moment to remember those who have served us and all that has been lost in order to maintain and protect the American dream.

“To celebrate this glorious day and the men, woman and animals who have faithfully served to protect and preserve our nation. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite photo’s and comments from my friends pages. God bless you on this day and always; for by the grace of others you have it to enjoy… Xoxo” Jacqueline Jax – Host of A.V.A Live Radio

“Have a safe holiday weekend and remember the men and women that fought to help us keep it that way !!!” Steve Minotti Musician / cohost www.AvALiveRadio.com

David Grant Williams – President CEO Dream Launcher Studios
“Honor those who went before you (and paid the ultimate price) by making a positive contribution to the world. Utilize the freedom you have for the benefit of others that will follow.”


Happy Memorial Day from Ovation! Thank you to all the men and women who have served our country past and present! How do you celebrate Memorial Day?
Taken at Arts Advocacy Day events in Washington DC presented by Americans for the Arts with support from Ovation. By: Ovation TV

“As we enjoy this beautiful day,let us thank in our hearts all those who serve and have fought and died that we should be free.” Steven Bauer Actor/Musician Underground Junction

Shared by Woody Mcbreairty


“So today, as we honor our soldiers… let’s not forget the four-legged canines who have also protected our nation…” Lisa Tuetken

Michael Kellett “And the dog is smiling :))”

Tim Downs “Yea tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death….”

Don Crown “God bless them and that lovely dog. lol” www.budgieman.co.uk

Photo posted by Rebel-Without-A-Cause


Have a safe holiday weekend and remember the men and women that fought to help us keep it that way !!! Michael Kellett

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