A.V.A Live Radio Features Insignia

A.V.A Live Radio Features Insignia

Join host Jacqueline Jax as she interviews the band Insignia – Tuesday April 3, 2012 @ 9A.M.

This show will be available OnDemand via the page link and Itunes after it airs live.

At the intersection where real life meets passion and obsession you’ll discover Insignia, a band with big hopes and dreams like all aspiring musicians and artists. Finding time between the rigorous work to school, school to work schedule of band members, they fight hard to accomplish their goals.

Formed like many bands in the latter years of high school when lead guitarist Daniel Messemer, a self-described “rock guru” met the naturally gifted vocalist/guitarist JC Nunez. They began fine-tuning what would eventually become Insignia’s distinct and poignant sound. The band would soon be complete with the addition of Luis Quesada, a high energy drummer, and the “in the pocket” bassist Jared Constanza Steingold.

Building on their influences of indie rock, grunge, and heavy metal, Insignia come together to create honest, heartfelt, powerful and ofttimes haunting music. Every track strives to touch upon the emotions of everyday life and the message is constant, be true to yourself, live life on your own terms, and always overcome.

The definition of Insignia means a “distinguishing mark or sign”. Having similar outlooks and viewpoints has established a clear message that has become Insignia’s mission statement. Insignia’s philosophy is to take those “marks”, whether they’re marks of honor, scars of pain, or disappointment and wear them with pride…in life, on stage, and in the studio.

Currently the band members have come full circle in their own individual ways and have completed the basic foundation in order to take things to the next level. Using their website which displays the bands focus on quality and perfection along with the popularity of social media, Insignia have begun to spread their message. Being regulars at the famous Tobacco Road, Miami’s oldest and most enduring bar is also helping them attract a wide variety of fans.

The band has enough material to record their debut album and is working hard to find innovative ways to finance their dreams. With such passion and drive, Insignia is definitely a band to look out for. Expect to hear the name Insignia more and more as they recruit fans one by one with their amazing live shows, high energy, powerful music, and commendable spirit.

Next show : Apr 14 – Saturday – Sigma Delta Tau’s 5th Annual Prevent Child Abuse America Benefit Concert at Nova University – 6pm-midnight – We play at 7:30pm
3301 College Ave -Ft Lauderdale FL, 33314 – www.PreventChildAbuse.org

Band Web site: www.InsigniaMusic.net


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