A.V.A Live Radio Features J Shephard

A.V.A Live Radio Features J Shephard


Join Jacqueline Jax with her up close personal interview with J. Shephard. His amazing story will warm your heart and inspire you…

On the 3rd day of June 1983, Jamaal Saunders was born and raised in New Providence, Bahamas. Being the only child of his parents, he constantly discovered new things about himself. One talent he was sure of; was his love for singing. At the age of 18, he began pursuing a college degree in Accounting, but a life threatening act brought his college career to a halt. On May 11th 2003, Jamaal found himself in an unfortunate circumstance. He was shot in the face and as a result, he lost his left eye. Upon recuperating, Jamaal began walking closer with God and came to the realization that it was only because of Him he survived. Jamaal understood that his life could have ended within a wink of an eye. He believes that his life was spared to give a message to the world, especially the youths of our nation. He returned to college in September 2005, when he realized that he wanted to pursue a degree in Music. A field where he could excel and express his love for music through singing. Jamaal’s music is heard on radio stations here in the United States particular Miami, Florida and in the Bahamas. This determined, dynamic, culture singer and lyricist strives to pass the message of salvation and hope, to all who would receive it through his distinctive voice. Known to countless people who have heard his music, those who are eager to work with him and many who have had the pleasure of knowing him, Jamaal goes by the name “J.Shephard,” the one who brings the message to the lost. Today J.Shephard is currently pressuring his second Bachelor Degree in Audio Production/Engineering. As J.Shephard continues to strive for a record deal he continues to spread his message of love and peace to the world, through his music. With his determination to give back to world J.Shephard recently lunch the J.Shephard Foundation, an organization which he uses to reach out to the youths. He decided to name the organization first project Next Generation, with a mission to fundraise school supplies to help students who lack quality education due to finical reasons. Shephard believes that if we raise better children, we will have better adults, giving the next generation better parents, and giving society better citizens; which are also the mission of the J.Shephard Foundation.


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