A.V.A Live Radio Features Success Tips From David Grant Williams Dream Launcher Studio

David Grant Williams with Sean Sedita

David Grant Williams – Dream Launcher Studios (Orlando, FL)

Listen to the show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2012/01/08/ava-live-radio-david-grant-williams-dream-launcher-studio

“The Entertainment industry has a bright future, the only thing that will change is the platter it’s being served on.”

Dream Launcher Studios is an entertainment company that produce large events (Including: rock concerts, air shows, award shows, live television auctions, galas, fashion shows, trade shows, and other special events. Attendance 65,000+ at some events). They also develop television, film, music, internet and other entertainment projects. The goal is to coordinate all available resources in an effort to optimize, create and manage new revenue streams. They share profits with a strategic alliance partners.

David’s Top 10 Tips for Success

1) Map out your goals that will keep you moving forward.
2) Devise a step by step process to get what you want.
3) Sacrifice: Acknowledge that you will have to give up things to get what you want.
4) Network using social media by sharing music, photo’s and personal comments about your journey.
5) Keep your ego in check. Stand out from the pack with a good attitude. No one likes to work with, fan or get involved with a drama queen. Treat each and every person with respect and professionalism.
6) Don’t underestimate the power of perfecting your live performance skills. Differentiate yourself from other artists with a powerful live show that excites your fans and secures your position with your listeners and creates a a bond between you and your fans.
7) Selecting a strong and positive team is crucial to your success.
8) The future of the music industry offers a bright future to any truly talented artist who is well organized and top on their game.
9) Think about how you want to be remembered and plan to live your life that way.
10) Don’t be quick to quit, have a plan and commit to be disciplined in achieving it.


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