A.V.A Live Radio Holiday Special

Jacqueline jax ava live radio holiday show

Listen in live: www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2013/12/01/ava-live-radio-holiday-special-1
Host Jacqueline Jax announces this years new 2014 theme song, Orange Avenue calls in with a Holiday greeting for the fans and the A.V.A live Radio community members share their favorite holiday songs with the listeners. Ik Multimedia starts their holiday giveaway.
Orange Avenue
orangeavenuemusic.com / www.facebook.com/orangeavenue

“Music can fill in the blanks more than words alone can”- Josh – Orange Avenue

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To celebrate our 3rd season of A.V.A Live Radio, we teamed up with IK Multimedia to giveaway gifts every week in December. All you have to do is join A.V.A Live Radio and IK Multimedia on facebook and twitter and leave A.V.A Live Radio a “I Love @AVALIVERADIO & @IKMULTIMEDIA”. Every week on the show we will be giving away prizes to our lucky winners selected at random.

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