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Jackie_Tracy_Voice6Join host Tracy Timberlake with Jacqueline Jax and Galia as they discuss life issues on fear and denial. What causes your fear? How to keep it from destroying your life. Why not start living the life you deserve instead of being afraid to take your shot.

The greatest gift you can give the world is being exactly who you were meant to be. What are your dreams? What are your struggles? Join us at AVA Live Radio where we chat with Life Coach Tracy Timberlake as she answers your questions. Searching for life’s purpose? Starting a new chapter in your life. We will help you navigate this experience and encourage you through the journey of discovery. Struggling with fear and self-doubt? Are you experiencing a lack of confidence? Learn practical tools you can use to retrain your mind to think more positively. Learn the art of intuition and clarity. Understand how to handle conflict the right way and get through the hectic Holiday Season unscathed. We will tackle all of these topics and more! Don’t forget to tune it to LifeTalk on AVA Live Radio.


Tracy is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in personal transformation and spirituality. With over 10 years experience in counseling, leadership and motivational speaking and teaching, Tracy has worked with organizations such as Kids Across America, Citikidz, Parallel and more. She is also a Beauty Guru under the name Dazzle Diaries on Youtube and is currently writing her first self-help book.


Top 5 Ways To Deal with Fear?
1) Find something that your more afraid of and throw your energy there. For instance, compare your current fear to a level of regretting that you never moved forward.

2) Run thru your fear. Focus on what will happen if you move forward? Ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen.

3) Deal with your real limitations. Think about your doubts and question is they are 100% true.

4) Don’t give fear more credit than your other emotions. Fear is an emotion but not the end point of your emotional being. Don’t give fear all your energy.

5) Don’t put pressure on yourself. Realize that your not the first person to have the idea that your stressing over. Relax and take comfort in the fact that your everyone is trying to live their dreams.

Question: I recently got my chance to start my dream job and I’m worried about taking that leap. It would mean that I have to let go of what I’m doing now and make less money. How can I stop worrying about the security of what I have now to go for my dreams? Sara- Ohio

Find out about going against the norm. What’s good for one life isn’t the best for all. Set your own life goals and don’t fear pursuing your passions.
I was in an abusive relationship recently and now I’m afraid that I won’t see the signs again. How can I learn to trust myself again? Kimberly – Destin, FL

You can’t make someone change their mind so education is key to helping others with denial. Does it seem that everyone and their dog is working against you? Are you just a poor innocent victim in what seems to be one huge conspiracy against you? How does your ego effect your level of denial?

Im 20 years old. My worrying all began when my buddy asked if I was gay and I got defensive saying F*** You! Ever since then I have been worried that I have been gay all along and never realized it. I will sit at home and think about how I might be gay. I delve very deep into my reasoning and it causes extreme fear and panic. For instance my biggest reasoning is that I can’t seem to talk to girls. Now before all this worrying I never thought I was gay and just thought I was scared of girls, but now I fear that I can’t talk to girls cause I’ve been gay this whole time. Another thing that happens is if I see a guy now I get a weird feeling in my stomach and that occurs with just a look no matter what they look like and then I start worrying that I got attracted to them. Basically I don’t care if I’m gay or straight I just can’t stand this worrying about GAY.

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