A.V.A Live Radio Live Streaming 2016 Presents AlchiMy

A.V.A Live Radio Live Streaming 2016 Presents AlchiMy


AlchiMy Live Streaming 2016 Event with host Jacqueline Jax on A.V.A Live Radio.

Catch their Live Streams from Geneva, Switzerland: www.Periscope.tv/AlchiMyMusic
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First Album: Chercheur d’Or Interviews 2016
We began together doing covers of musicians we admire…
such as Tracy Chapman, Ben Harper, Bob Dylan, and many others. The night just after a concert, we felt like something was missing. We did really enjoyed the moment but the stories were not quite ours. We think We just needed to share our own music and words, that night we took that big decision! It was on June the 21st of 2009. From now on we were going to make our own compositions! That means we had everything to learn concerning music theory such as harmony and arrangements !

Loane who is the musical composer of our band put himself into the composition and worked approximately 5 hours every evening! I, Nathalie, began to write the lyrics and had to learn the vocal melodies composition! I write now most of the lyrics for the band as well as I create the vocal melodies and harmonies and Celine started to work the vocal arrangements!

We surely had a lot to work and we keep on ! The pleasure to create our own songs, to write, play and sing what is important to us, what is in our hearts has no comparison! We talk about emotions and feelings This is so much more rewarding, as direct journey to happiness!

Learn more about the band: http://avaliveradio.com/behind-the-music-alchimy-2

Factory Fast Record :
We are on Factory Fast Record with 3 songs coming from our  first Album « Chercheur d’Or » and on many Radios Stations and Compilations CD in New York – USA https://twitter.com/NYCFactoryFast/status/705583561009664001?s=04AlchiMy song Liberté is :On free download on soundcloud has today 34.700 Viewers!
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