A.V.A Live Radio Live Streaming 2016 Presents Den of Ashes

A.V.A Live Radio Live Streaming 2016 Presents Den of Ashes

Den of Ashes with Ash beck Live Streaming 2016 Event with host Jacqueline Jax on A.V.A Live Radio.

Tuesday May 17, 2016 at 6pm et

Catch the Live Streams from Los Angeles, California & Florida


Music was always the focus…
of our home growing up and especially my grandparent’s house and cars… It was EVERYWHERE. I listened to EVERYTHING from Country and Western (Western did exist) to Rock, Folk, Hard Rock, Psychedelic. Pop, including Classical. I kept circling back to The Beatles, The Doors, The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, as well as Johnny Cash, Elvis, Neil Young, Neil Diamond, Jackson Browne, Glenn Campbell, Willy Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Porter Wagoner, Hank Williams, and Bob Dylan.

Diverse. yes! but it helped me understand how musical styles emerged and influenced each other. I also watched my share of HeeHaw. My grandparents would relive their past as traveling musicians and watch their friends on TV.

I live in Los Angeles…
We have a great music scene. Locally for me it is great, although LA can be a little self-serving at times when venues make it hard for emerging acts. I am fortunate.


5:45pm et: Behind The Scenes as Jacqueline Jax gets ready for the Live Streaming interview www.periscope.tv/JacquelineJax

6pm et: Live Streaming interview on Blab: https://blab.im/ava-live-radio-a-v-a-live-radio-music-interview-den-of-ashes-livestreaming2016

6:25 pm et: Den of Ashes Performs BlackBird and New Song from his Upcoming Album on www.periscope.tv/DenOfAshes

Preview the songs:

is about the end. Its a time of reckoning with your mortality. Regardless of good or bad, death can be an acceptance as part of ones life. I wrote Blackbird in 2 hours. The offset strumming just opened up a moment of clarity. The words came. You hear about songs like this and hope that it happens as a songwriter. It was a clear picture. I write songs about the pictures that emerge in my mind when I start structuring a melody. Many are lyrically profound, dark, moody and melodic.

My dear friend and music producer and drummer Robin DiMaggio made this album happen. Robin has toured with everybody including David Bowie, Paul Simon, and Johnny Cash. He is also the Music Director for the United Nations. We had a conversation years ago when he heard me play. He said “when you’re ready, let me know and it will happen.” Well that took a while in the midst of an intense career.

Its one thing to play, its another to write. I had a natural style that I ignored because I was driving more toward Rock, then I decided to give and embrace my natural style, then EVERYTHING changed. The music kept coming and coming, I could hear every instrument. I started composing the songs and sent the roughs to Robin. He called me right away and said “We have to get you in the studio” The next thing he said was “Lee Sklar” the legendary Bass player. Robin is an incredible talent. He brought us all together. The tonality was perfect. Everyone embraced the songs. It was a beautiful process. Ash Beck, vocals, guitar, harmonica Robin DiMaggio, percussion / Producer
Lee Sklar, Bass Alex Alessandroni, piano and keyboards Brett Cookingham, guitar / Engineer.

The funny part was, no one at the studio truly ever heard me sing outside of my rough recordings. I laid down the vocals on the first track then went to the kitchen to get some water. I came back in the room and Robin and Brett were looking at me shaking their heads. I said “oh my God, were the vocals that bad?” They said “That was incredible, you’re like Jim Morrison, Johnny Cash, Eddie Vedder and Neil Diamond rolled into one. If you sound like anything, that’s a great group to sound like.” I’m a split between a baritone and tenor, but I tend to be more baritone.

There are many happy songs in the world, but there is also beauty in darker songs. Many songs have dark lyrics wrapped around catchy uplifting melodies. I tend to create a mood with my western style of playing and let that mood resonate in the lyrics. Not all of my songs are dark. I do have some very catching more Western Rock driven songs, but I have my demons and it keeps them quiet for a while when I talk about them.
I wanted to set the style and tone of my music on my first EP. Its more about the expression and showing your craft as a songwriter. You have to be pure to yourself. Music finds its own audience. I’m sure of that. My fans are pretty hardcore loyal. When you write, you keep your music close to your heart. When you perform, you project that and it helps you connect with your audience. Performing is my reward for writing. We have a lot of fun, and some very great moments. I’m very lucky.

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