A.V.A Live Radio Top 20 New Music Countdown: Let The Voting Begin!!


Check out this weeks A.V.A LIVE RADIO’s Top 20 New Music Countdown
We sent out secret ballads to our subscribers and they voted. See who made the cut.

All you have to do to vote, is listen to a song. Each listen casts a vote for that artist so be sure to come back every second… every hour… every day… to listen… share… and support new artists.
See who made it to the countdown and go vote now!

If you would like to get your music played on our show, submit your song now for New Music Monday’s: (avaliveradio.wordpress.com/submit-my-music/)

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2 thoughts on “A.V.A Live Radio Top 20 New Music Countdown: Let The Voting Begin!!

    1. You can submit music for the show by using the “submit my music” link on our main web site http://www.AvALiveRadio.com. Be sure to subscribe to our page for notices of opportunities and join our social media pages as well to connect with our team and other music makers. 
      http://Www.facebook.com/avaliveradio & http://www.twitter.com/avaliveradio When you submit your music, you should include a brief bio and web site as well as social media links to make it easier for our station to see who you are.  Be sure your songs are in mp3 file format. 

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