A.V.A Live Radio Stage Performance Tips For Success

A.V.A Live Radio Stage Performance Tips For Success

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Do you have stage fright? Are you wondering why your music career hasn’t taken off as expected? Are you performing out but not building a fan base? Being a great singer is important, but if you learn how to deliver a great performance, your audience will think that you are astounding. If you get stage fright before a show, then you need to learn how to get in the zone. The zone is what musicians refer to when they’re on stage and the music sort of takes over the feel and vibe of the show. Here are some terrific tips that will get you “In the zone” every time you get on stage.

1) Attitude is important but let’s not mistake this from ego. Confidant and charismatic is the idea.  Nobody likes a diva that thinks they are better than the audience. Be sure to match your music style with your image and your attitude. In addition, nothing is more boring than to see musicians standing up there looking at the floor. So be sure to study those fabulous performers who are doing it ALL right. They didn’t make “Entertainer of the year” for nothing. Now get out there and take no prisoners!

2) Avoid awkward pauses or a long silence between songs. Instead use the time to introduce the next song, your fellow band members, or tell a story about the next song, etc. As long as you keep it short and interesting, a story always works but not before every song in a set. Prepare something attention grabbing for 2 of your best songs and keep them as inserts on a set when you want to stimulate the crowds attention. Up-tempos are terrific for this but a ladies choice slow dance is always a great idea.

3) Love the songs you sing and learn the lyrics. Believe me, you can’t fake it, if you do not have your heart and soul in a song you will loose your audience in the first 5 seconds. Even if it’s a cover, discover why the lyrics move you and express the song from your heart. Remember, as a professional entertainer, you need to learn to commit to your material fully and always bring your A-game to the table by giving your audience 150% of your energy and focus. Only then will you be able inspire and engage your audience.

4) Practice makes perfect- The only way your going to develop the kind of confidence that makes you great is practice.  Once you have your music down and you’ve thought about your show, take on some extra shows or play open mic nights to begin to get a feeling for how the crowd will react to certain things and how your band can further get in sync with your audience. Include things like: introduction of band members, great short stories about songs, an album release date, your next performance or upcoming tour, thank and take a picture of your audience then tell them to find it on your web site.

5) Always maintain your composure. Mistakes are expected to happen and most musicians hear things that the crowd won’t anyway. Take it easy on yourself and your band members. Remember this is supposed to be a fun time for you and your audience. Never fight on stage or interrupt a performance by drawing attention to a mistake. Instead move forward, keep your momentum going and address the issue after the show. Always remember, your not perfect, your band members aren’t perfect and no one expects you to be. Engaging your listeners will only happen if you let go and get in the zone.

6) Always remember to smile.  If you want to lift an audience you need to look like you’re having a great time. Moodiness and diva like behavior does not come over well with an audience. Let them see you are having a great time, and you will definitely attract attention. This doesn’t mean you can’t change up the feel for different songs, just avoid looking to serious and intense the whole night. Instead switch up the mood with a little story or intro into the next song to set the tone.

7) Get moving! Don’t just stand there looking awkward! Motion attracts the audience’s eyes and pulls focus onto you. This is a great way to engage your audience. Learn how to move from the best by watching live performances on YouTube. Some of my favorites are Axl Rose, Freddy Mercury, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, David Lee Roth, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Brooks and Dunn, Tim McGraw, Bono and Robert Plant. There are so many amazing artists to choose from. Also check out “Live Performances” onYouTube.com/americanvocalacademy channel.

I hope my tips will give you some guidance to helping you become a successful performer.

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