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I’m really trying to create a new sound that is both familiar and fresh…
From this EP you can expect catchy and unforgettable hooks, honest lyrics, and high-quality mainstream sounding music you’re not going to hear on commercial radio. When someone hears this song I want them to immediately be pulled in by the hook and not be distracted by an unnecessary amount of lyrics or production noise. From the first melody I want you to be able to sing along and have the song stuck on repeat in your head. My goal is to accomplish everything I possibly can, mostly establish a career in music that I can have for a very long time. But I’d be lying if I said that money and fame aren’t bad-ass too.

This is why marketing is a very important aspect to this project. We’re not going to fast, or too slow, or putting money where it doesn’t need to be. We intend to establish a solid following from the ground up, kind of doing it local, regional, then national. We know the song is crucial in establishing a fan base, and we are seasoned songwriters, but image and lifestyle are just as much a part of selling a bad-ass brand.



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Preview the songs:

 Callin’ You Wasted…
and it’s the first single off my debut EP. I think it’s pretty clear that it’s about, well sex, or a booty-call to be more specific. This song was written about the night-life, and while it may be last call, for me I’m usually just getting started. So if you’re a socialite night-owl like myself you’re constantly surrounded by people and always on the go, but you’re not always fulfilled. So that’s when you call up your favorite flavor, girl or guy, or whatever it is you’re into. I think we all have that favorite go-to hookup that keeps it fun and helps kill a little bit of loneliness too. So I wrote this song about a lifestyle, which is a lifestyle that I think we can all relate to. For example, while cutting vocals for this song I was drinking some whiskey and setting up my night through text, making the vocal booth my own personal bar. By the end of the session it smelled like a booze fest, but whiskey always helps my vocals while texting helps set up that late night call.

Dustinn Lowry’s debut EP single “Callin’ You Wasted” showcases a captivating sound that is inviting and infectious. From the opening notes of “Callin’ You Wasted,” the listener gets sucked into irresistible guitar hooks and anthem-like melody that appeals to the modern ear. Lowry’s music is fresh and familiar, featuring a new sound and style that aims to blend some of the best stylistic elements of popular styles, and streamline them into what he calls RIPcountry.™ Influenced by bands like Striper, Def Leopard, Green Day, Third Eye Blind, and Garth Brooks, Lowry’s music is memorable with a relatable story to tell.

Learn more about the band: http://avaliveradio.com/behind-the-music-dustinn-lowry-on-callin-you-wasted/

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