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Jacqueline Jax logo photoCATCHING UP with ACID AND PEARLS
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio
Interviewing: Jeau James


Want Her, Need Her

“Want Her, Need Her” – Is a straight-up Rock Love Jam, with an admixture of “home-style, earnest” guitar work along with an intimate vocal performance, supported with the heaviness of A&P’s bass and drums. It’s all wrapped in the honesty of the best, most simple approach to laying good solid tracks for a good and earnest subject: Love.


Process-wise, generating inspiration for this jam was simple. Basically, I thought the absolute best thoughts of the hope in loving someone in the future and recalled the absolute best memories I have of Love’s experience in my past and braided the two together with a melody.

From the gate, I heard “Want Her, Need Her.” as an organic, grass-root presentation. Thankfully, there are only four main elements recorded, here: bass, drums, guitar, and vocal along with a sprinkle of melodic octave guitar in the chorus to bind it. Wanting the track to be like Love in its most natural form, I may have been all 6s and 7s if I had to work with more instrumentation.

Releasing this as a single was relatively easy (as it always is..) via cdbaby. They are happening for the indie artist.

The direction of this track is like just another place Acid&Pearls is able to go. Nothing different, just extended range..


Oooh, U want secrets that exist only in the creative synaptic universe, right here. I would love to do a video on this one with the brand new iPad I just got. Big investment, but I made it so I can pimp videos via iMovie. As soon as I get on with it the video for this will be “a guy, a girl, a bottle of wine, and a case of forgetfulness..”; the story unfolds from there. If I do it right, I will create tension to accompany the drama of the music track. Can’t tell you any more; Nope, won’t do it,  Hahaah. Except to say a cabin in the mountains (we have Mt. Charleston, close) may be involved. I don’t have greens to engage a proper director, but will gladly rap with one who may want to donate some of his or her expertise..


“Rock. Groove. Power.”…
Which is where we’re coming from within an elemental consideration. The project expands outwardly from there. Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual journeys become an entirely different thing like cake batter before and after 30 minutes at 350*, or what have you, if one can focus their core fundamentally and expand out from there. That’s where we want to be.

It is my hope that new fans find honesty in how and what we do and that existing fans keep coming back to vibe with that sort of thing.

This leverage is on a fast track…
as we prefer to be on the road touring and having a good time with our audience and fans. However, if there is no audience, then – um – there is no tour. Sope, with hope we’re building a solid fan base that Will Come Out To Jam With Us when we come to town and we’ll all do what it do.

People are really digging on what we produce and that encourages to go to the next step which is touring, merchandising, etc. We’re getting there, perhaps not as fast as we want while recording new material. Still, progress is being made.

I want to see people walking around with Acid&Pearls t-shirts soon so stay tuned on all our SM pages.

I dig John Mayer and his song title “Gravity”
says it best for me. Gravity is one Earth element that has not given up, so far. No matter how madly you may wish it would fail when you drop a glass, it will not. That’s where I, and we as a band, are coming from. Now, that we have begun, we will continue to drop jams and moments, and hopefully videos and other interactions, on you. We are consistently what and who we are while adding things experimentally every now and again. All you have to do is be there and there we’ll be, also.

Acid&Pearls is a brand new project…
We are just beginning to leverage the power of the internet and social media. We’re learning from all over the place including gathering information from @AVALiveRadio and @JacquelineJax

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