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A.V.A Live Radio Available :
An indie radio station solely dedicated to helping struggling independent artists in a new and innovative way. Our station not only provides new artists with a platform to tell their story, we get their music heard by finding just the right people to get the music in front of. From movies to management, we don’t only play the best independent artists from around the world, we are working hard behind the scenes to get their music heard by industry professionals who are already searching for movie sound tracks, indie artist tours, commercials, events, and recording contracts. In addition, A.V.A Live Radio also provides a mentoring program where artists give back to other artists, educational resources on the music industry as well as personal and business branding from industry professionals in our community to those who need help thru our Game Changers Series interviews. Our fans and community is extremely engaged and responsive through our direct emails, Insider Music Community members, and social media networks. The radio show is syndicated heavily in the USA with additional reach to Canada, Australia, UK, Greece, Philippines and Spain. Other smaller international markets have also been established. Our average listener is 40% female / 60% male and include music fans, musicians, artists and entrepreneurs of mostly internet based ecommerce fields.

30 second Broadcast advertising:
(Prices include social media mentions)
30 second add spots for live broadcast A.V.A Live Radio available. You may supply us with 30-second spot or give us the type to create one for you. 

Banner Adds:
Prices include social media mentions + clickable link to your product or site)
Rotating Banner adds available on right column of our main website www.AvALiveRadio.com
and featured articles are also available.
(Right column adds) Banner Sizes 300 X 200 :  (Adds on Article pages) 700 X 100

(Prices include social media mentions)

Get attention for your products by hosting a giveaway style advertisement that encourages new customers to engage with your company. We will create a giveaway style campaign around your product or service and ask people to join your social media page or subscribe to your website to enter the contest. This helps you build your email list or social page while delivering key information about your product to tons of potential customers. 

Game Changer:
(Prices include social media mentions)

Become our next “Game Changer” featured story. These fantastic individuals support our programming with their purchase and are honored by our station with a featured segment on our show along with banner adds and additional adverting spots in our “Behind the music” live airing segments. Prices include social media circulation on facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest.

Behind The Music Indie Artist story and interview:
20 minute show includes 1 single on airplay (Prices include social media mentions)
We create wonderful stories around indie artists from all over the world. Feature your song, video, website and social media pages in the article and start a buzz about your music with a live interview. Prices include social media mentions + additional web site and music branding packages are also available to help you build your music brand.

We also have an advertising partnership with American Pride Magazine to stretch your reach. Ask about adding this option to your advertising package.

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