Jacqueline_jax_inspirationQuestion: In today’s world of hurdles, how do you keep the artist inside alive and inspired?

Inspiration is a fickle mistress. When she’s with you, all is good in the world. But when she disappears it can be frustrating and even scary at times. As a working artist, I have found myself uninspired many times. But when it prevents me from getting important things done, it can be a real issue. Over the years I’ve learned that it’s very important to know myself and discover what motivates me so I can keep my creative juices flowing.

What inspires you?
I’ve learned that my inspiration is driven by several things.

Fatigue: Sleep and mental rest is very important to staying inspired. Creative people can seem manic because they often work ferociously while inspired only to drop at the end. But it’s important to know your limits and find balance. If I’m able to achieve a good balance, I find that my inspiration is more consistent and I’m able to be creative every day to accomplish my goals. My favorite fatigue cures are movies, listening to music, chatting with friends, playing games and exercising.

People: Surrounding myself with other artists who are very giving of their energy and have unyielding excitement for creation is a wonderful way to get inspired. I’m lucky to have so many wonderfully inspiring friends. Even if we aren’t into the same art, their energy stimulates me.

Study: Researching for a project is a great way to be inspired. If I feel blocked on a design project, I’ll spend a day around things that may inspire my project. For instance, if it’s a fashion project, I’ll go shopping and try on new styles or go hunting for vintage designs, see a fashion show, look at magazines or go for lunch to a beautiful resort where people are living in the clothing that I design. If it’s music, a concert or performance really gets me into the studio to perform. The energy released from these environments really get my creative juices flowing.

Tools: I’m a real tech and gadget girl. I love computers and tools that I can use to create. When I discover a new gadget that I want to use, I anxiously await it’s arrival and I can’t wait to get started the minute it’s in my hands. Who doesn’t love playing with a new toy? Especially when it makes work more fun.

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I shared my question Friday on Facebook and asked for my fellow artists to inspire us with their stories. Here’s how they keep the creative juices flowing and manage to create while balancing life’s hurdles.

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