Best Advise…
Basically just have fun was one piece of advice. As simple as that sounds we as music acts can get carried away in the serious side of music and trying to build ourselves up. But can then forget actually we are here to have fun with all this.


Jacqueline Jax logo photoInterview by Jacqueline Jax
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Band Name: Silent Machines – Act member Liam Golder.

Person Interviewing: Liam Golder

Song name: A Thousand Stars

Music Genre:: Rock/ Acoustic Rock

This song is about…
How we as people can try and achieve our dreams as in ‘A Thousand Stars’ won’t keep us apart. It is also about how we can have a strong relationship with a soulmate and that the bond is unbreakable. A mixture of light and dark tracks about life, love, struggle, and getting to the right place where we belong.

This release is a current style of track and the song ‘A Thousand Stars’ represents doing something new and fresh music wise. It is mellow yet meaningful and uplifting.

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A lot of the song ideas come from making up lyrics at home or whilst walking outside or sometimes music first on the guitar. Once I have an idea complete I’ll go to the studio with my friend and Record Engineer John Summerton who was famous for being in the band Flintlock. I play guitar as my main instrument do love this but do try and be unique with this, I also play piano on some tracks and keyboard. However my favourite part is putting a song melody and lyric together.

Having focus is so important in anything that you want to do.  I also like to keep a my balance by staying healthy. When I’m relaxed and my body feels good I tend to be the most focused.


I live in…
London district in the UK where the music scene is really hot. I feel very lucky to have this as the heart of the music I create.

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