{Behind The Music} Adam Moyer on Dog Day Summer

{Behind The Music} Adam Moyer on Dog Day Summer

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW ADAM MOYER
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


Dog Day Summer
Music Genre : Alternative Rock

‘Dog Day Summer’was completed in a single week, from the initial writing stage to the recording booth and finally post-production. The song was released one day prior to my thirtieth birthday and as such I believe it serves as a good testament to my twenties: boring, exhaustive days spent on the jobsite as well as the passage into adulthood which is never without its own chaos.
Whether explicit or not those were the ideas that became the catalyst in compelling me to write this song. All of my music stems from an emotional truth, just as my favorite music does, and my words are meant to convey that sense of honesty as best they can.

Link: https://cenkid.bandcamp.com/


The album…
I’m writing is titled ‘Over-The-Counterculture’ and in its current state its become more of a glorified hobby. This might be a mistake on my part. I wish I were able to dedicate more time to creating original music but at the moment I’m busy juggling multiple creative projects. Time is at a premium.

If nothing else, this new music is building upon and surpassing everything that’s come before it. I’ve only been serious about songwriting for the past five years but the process has consistently gotten easier. The feedback I’ve received about my new work has been positive and that in itself can be enough to keep the inspiration in free-flow.


Minneapolis-St. Paul…
This place is a breeding ground for young artists from music to theater to whatever. Minnesotans are a modest bunch and so, with an odd exception every now and again, most of what we do up here isn’t broadcast to the rest of the country. Nevertheless, the Twin Cities have it all if you’re a creative type. If you’re ever in town I suggest stopping into Extreme Noise on Lake Street. The punk kids working the counter know far more about this music scene than I do.


Music Business…
I have some friends who’ve worked in the business in one facet or another. I’ve been far too occupied in the creation process to even look into it. I’m a classic creative type in that beyond writing music I just can’t do anything for myself. I wouldn’t rule out focussing more of my time in music if someone were to approach me about it. Until then I’m keeping out of the business and sticking with doing what I do best: blasting fatass basslines out of your speakers.


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
 Johnny Rotten. I had the chance to speak with him earlier this year over Skype and so I can check that one off of the bucket list. I didn’t have a million questions for him, rather I chose to let Mr. Lydon know that his music has been instrumental in enhancing my life. We talked about his latest documentary, then my dogs wandered into the camera frame and so we’d made observations about them as well. Just two shy Irish lads chatting about dogs. It was lovely.

It isn’t everybody who is afforded the chance to say thank you to their heroes, but I was able to, and hopefully someday Ill be able to have a similar impact in someone else’s life. That’s always the dream. To enhance others lives through the music.

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