{Behind The Music} Akoustic Odyssey Music From The Heart

{Behind The Music} Akoustic Odyssey Music From The Heart

Akoustic Odyssey indie band ava live radio

“If we create music from the heart and it feels right then it will hopefully find people who it will touch and inspire.” – Akoustic Odyssey : Adelaide  @AkousticOdyssey

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Live Interview Wednesday 8:40pm est:

By Jacqueline Jax- Host A.V.A Live Radio

The Start…
My guitar playing began at age 7 when I started guitar lessons. From this early age I remember trying to create little riffs on the guitar. In my teens I joined my first heavy rock band who performed at the Festival Theatre in Adelaide. This was a collaboration with a youth circus troupe called Cirkidz. After this came another, more serious band in my early twenties. With this band I recorded my first full length CD. Unfortunately this didn’t work out due to several reasons. The next year was spent contemplating what I would do next. I have always known that writing and playing music is all I want to do and I dread the thought of not being able to do it. I eventually decided to apply and audition for a Bachelor of Music majoring in classical guitar. I was accepted to my surprise. This is where I learnt the most about my craft and honed my ability to compose and perform music. I have also played in a couple Greek bands. My Grandfather would have been so proud. Unfortunately he passed away just before I started playing Greek music. In 2005 I founded Akoustic Odyssey along our percussionist, Anne Harrington who I met in one of the Greek bands I was playing with at the time. Akoustic Odyssey is a real fusion of my past musical experiences being rock, classical and Greek music. Our other main composer, Stephan Richter brings very different styles, such as Jazz and Latin grooves to the mix. So it is really a journey of sound which is what our name Akoustic Odyssey means to us.

Challenges holding 6 members together…
It certainly has been a challenge to keep this band going at times. We have three core members that have been there from the start. Anne Harrington, myself and Stephan Richter. We have also had many tense and trying times with past members which has since left. We persevered and we are now at a place where we have great musicians and people who all get along. The energy on stage is very uplifting.

Jolly Roger…

is one of favorites and to play this live is extremely enjoyable. It’s a real crowd pleaser. We would describe this piece as our “Pirate Tune” and we always encourage our audience to jump up and be pirates with us. We always end this piece with an “Aaarrr”!! I wrote this piece and many of our recent works while I was composing and performing with and American Tribal Style Belly Dance Troupe. I started writing this piece on the guitar, as with most of my pieces. I then write it down on my notation software, Sibelius. I begin to layer it with drums and percussion, a bass/cello line, I then try to create melodies that will hopefully stir the emotions and inspire our audience. It is my always my hope and dream to inspire and make people feel good because what I write is from the heart. The stuff that doesn’t seem to work are the tunes I try too hard to write.

 Music scene in Adelaide…
There are a few major festivals in Adelaide and lots of smaller ones around. We have many wine regions around South Australia who hold events and festivals. The two major regions are The Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale. However when it is not festival time it gets a bit quiet. Adelaide has only a small population so our fan base here has reached a plateau. We do play regularly at a venue called the Wheatsheaf International Hotel.

Best place you’ve played…
Undoubtedly the best place we have played is at one of Adelaide’s major festivals, WOMAD. The atmosphere was electrifying and the energy being transferred between band and the some 5,000 member audience was something rare. This is something I’ll never forget.

Music trends…
I would say that in Australia being current and trendy is the most important aspect of music. I guess that our motto would be – if we create music from the heart and it feels right then it will hopefully find people who it will touch and inspire. We want our music to speak for itself, no frills or gimmicks. We want to be true to ourselves.

Because money is so important for survival in this world, I would say my definition of success is to be able to do what you love and earn a good living from it so that you can continue to do so without other things obstructing the creative path. But the most important thing is sharing my music with as many people as possible.



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