{Behind The Music} Bill Brewster on Mean Street

{Behind The Music} Bill Brewster on Mean Street


Bill Brewster

“The song is about a guy who periodically comes to town to turn things upside down. Could be an outlaw or more likely a rock star. I was looking for a song that captured the essence of early 80s hard rock and lifestyle. ” – Bill Brewster @doubtingtomas7

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I fell in love with music…
when I was very young. I recall listening to the AM radio in Oklahoma on the way home from a rodeo my parents took me to. My Dad was stationed at Tinker Air Force base at the time and he wanted me to experience some of the local treats. I was in the back seat and Rhinestone Cowboy come on the station. I was hooked and have been ever since. My taste evolved and expanded from there and now I am a fan of many genres of music. In the 80s I started listening to heavy metal (Black Sabbath, Ozzy, AC/DC) and the three big pop bands (Journey, Foreigner and Styx) and fell in love all over again. I knew I had to be a part of this world. Then I was taken to a sold out AC/DC show in Nuremburg Germany by my Dad. We watched from an open side door and the final nail was in the coffin. The band continued and life was never the same again.

Mean Street…
The song is about a guy who periodically comes to town to turn things upside down. Could be an outlaw or more likely a rock star. Really anyone who comes in, makes a statement and then leaves. A song that heralds back to the mystique of rock star’s lives.

I was looking for a song that captured the essence of early 80s hard rock and lifestyle. The riff came to me pretty early and the lyrics just flowed. It was fun to write and even more fun to play. (Listen to the music : http://doubtingtomas.com/music/ )

Bill Brewster indie musician


The album is a nod to…
all those who came before me and influenced my music. Country, rock and pop stars included. We are working on the next album now and it will include a couple of my heros on drums and bass. One from Sabbath/Dio (Vinny Appice) and one from Alice Cooper (John Nania). This album made that possible. We are open to ideas on marketing. At this point we have the website, facebook and Twitter going. Probably not fully utilizing that. Shows will be essentially and we are scheduled for a couple minor festivals in 2017 when the new album is ready. Vinny and John will most likely not tour with us as they are quite busy but will appear on the album. I participate in a variety of regular internet shows like Dr. John’s Rock Surgery in the UK where we get a lot of play from our Hard Rock Songs.

Currently in South Bend, IN but I travel a ton…
I’ve played at the Whiskey A Go Go and Lucky Strikes in Hollywood a couple of times and will be back in August to play again. Doing a camp and will play with the members of Judas Priest too. We have been invited to play in Ilfracombe England at the Ilfracombe Rocks festival next year.

I love traveling. Both my music and non-music jobs afford me the opportunity to travel around the world. My wife and I are in competition to visit more countries than each other. I also swim competitively still (I am 47) and competed in the world championships last year in Montreal.

Music business…
It is tough and requires a lot of love and persistence. But the only person who doesn’t succeed is the one who quits and doesn’t give it one more try. I am 47 and still taking one step after another in the direction of success. I have enjoyed meeting an amazing array of other musicians both financially successful and not. Save one, they have been wonderful and loving people.
I overcoming the hurdles and pitfalls…
By getting up after every fall and trying again.

Social media…
Have you found any challenges that you’ve had to overcome? Staying on top of it. I am horrible about keeping up with social media.

Singles vs an album…
I like the album format personally. I know it is old school but an album allows you to tell a story. To me it is like readying a chapter verse a book. Albums allow the user to experience and explore a concept or idea in full. It takes a bit more thought and involvement though which is hard to get these days in quick bits, tweets, etc. I grew up with concept albums like Paradise Theater. I really enjoy the full story.


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Amazingly most of the five-minute crew I have wanted to meet I have met from Presidents, to musicians and others. But if I could it would be Walt Disney. Sadly, not possible but his unwavering devotion to an idea and his vision still impact me today. I meet him through the implementation of his vision and through the words of those who have met him in the past.

Do you find that there is too much emphasis on being current and trendy…
I don’t worry too much about being current or trendy. My art is more about expressing myself than targeting a current trend. If it resonates with someone then all the more exciting. If not, I smile after every song I write, record and those near and dear to me support me.

I am most afraid of… Spiders

My personal definition of success is..
I would put success at hearing your song on the over the air radio. Internet radio being a close second. We now have play on internet radio and that is really really exciting. But to drive down the road and hear your song on a traditional radio show would be heaven on earth. A close second would be hitting the Billboard Top 200. Wow. Still waiting for that one.

My over all goal for my life & career is… health and happiness.

3 Ways that I challenge myself…

1) Continue learning. I practice daily and look for new ideas/masters to teach me. I once read that Randy Rhodes visited with a local guitar teacher in pretty much every city he visited to take a lesson. I have tried to mimic this in my life.

2) Writing songs. I use a disciplined approach to writing songs. My educational background is in engineering so it is hard not to quantize the process and work through song writing much as I do other engineering issues.

3) Staying healthy. I exercise daily so I may have a potentially longer life in which I can experience even more.

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