{Behind The Music} Colin Axxxwell on What’s Most Important

{Behind The Music} Colin Axxxwell on What’s Most Important

Colin Axxxwell indie artist full shot“The older I get, the more I come to terms with the fact that I’m not going to last forever. It’s really helped me put into perspective what is important in life.” – Colin Axxxwell New Hampshire:  @ColinAxxxwell

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By Jacqueline Jax- Host A.V.A Live Radio

Getting Started…
I got my start in music when my father passed away in a fighter jet crash back in high school. That’s dark right? There were some unfortunate circumstances ( I’ll leave that one alone) that prevented my sister and I from having much in the way left to us in our dad’s will. I was sent one of his flight jackets and his guitar from the seventies. I figured I owed it to him to learn how to play. I took the guitar to college and while everyone else was playing video games, I was teaching myself to play music. The rest is history!

I’m not sure I should be giving away this secret… But what the heck. My best friend Ben is of Canadian descent and I’m always bustin him about it. I was driving over to his place in Rhode Island one night and I had told him I have this great new song idea to show him. Problem is, I had no new idea whatsoever. So on the hour drive there from my parents house in Connecticut I was feverishly trying to come up with something when it dawned on me that I could use the opportunity to take a jab at him. So in essence, the song “Mexico” actually started with and was built around the line “Glad I didn’t go, up to Canada where it’s way too cold”. Ben’s a good guy though, he took the joke well! The meaning of the song is pretty straight forward… If you don’t like where your life is… Change it. Mexico is a metaphor for change. I’ve actually never been there, or on any vacation lately as a broke musician with studio time scheduled, but it’s on the bucket list!

New Hampshire…Colin Axxxwell indie artist featured
I live in Manchester NH, or as the locals call it “Manchvegas”… We tell outsiders all the time how cold it is up here and that we are all miserable, but it’s only to prevent and influx of tourists and people moving to the state. We all live in mansions and eat caviar. Girls wear bikinis to the beach year round because the weather is so beautiful… As George Strait would say “If you’ll buy that, I’ll throw the Golden Gate in free!” It’s not so bad up here in all honesty though. The country music market in New England is exploding. This is a place where I used to get made fun of for liking George Strait as a kid, and now there are country bars and clubs popping up everywhere. The potential for growth along with the density of people is really exciting.

Let me see… what do I do for fun besides music… I practically never drink when I play music. Not at practice, not on stage… It’s just too important to me to mess it up with alcohol. However, I love me some whiskey… There I said it… The problem is, because I love it so much and I drink it so infrequently, I get messed up pretty good on the JD. Driving after drinking is never a great idea, so I spend my “partying” free time walking down the street a couple miles to a Chinese restaurant to sing karaoke. Even in my off time, I’m singing!

Favorite artist…
This one is easy. It’s Garth. All Day. Every Day. This is the guy that morphed country music into its current state. It’s because of Garth that us country guys can now be “Rock Stars” in the general sense of the word. He made rock/country accessible. I waited thirty years to go see him live and finally did this past winter. He was incredible. His energy on stage is and will always be my inspiration.

The older I get, the more I come to terms with the fact that I’m not going to last forever. It’s really helped me put into perspective what is important in life. I want to entertain. I’d love to change someone’s life with it. Save a kid from suicide. Inspire someone to pick up a guitar. Have a song become so iconic that generations rally around it. At the end of the day though, people need music as much as they need video games and books and TV. Musicians provide an escape from the monotony of life for some people, if only for just a couple of hours on a Friday night. If I can be good enough at what I do to make people let go of stress for a while and leave feeling better than when they arrived… That’s enough for me…

If heaven exists what’s the first thing you would like to hear god say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
“What took you so long?”

“I grew up in a time when country music wasn’t all that cool unless you came from the south. I can’t count how many times I had to defend allegations that every song was about dogs dying, wives leaving and rusted out pick up trucks. Luckily I held on to my passion and am coming on to the scene as an artist just as the fan base is spreading like wildfire in places I could have never imagined. Who could have predicted that Gillette Stadium and Fenway Park would be hosting sell out crowds for country artists?

My goal is to be the first country performer that people can without a doubt claim as their own in New England. Just like the boys down in Tennessee and Georgia, I am not ashamed where I come from. Where you live is not as important as the power you have as an entertainer to spread an influential message to a broad audience. My message is one of humor, fun and a general commitment to living a positive lifestyle. If that message rubs off on a few people and changes the world, even if just a little bit… I’ll consider that pretty successful…”

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