{Behind The Music} Core Zero On Find Me

{Behind The Music} Core Zero On Find Me

Core Zero indie band on stage

Find Me is basically about finding whatever center or deity you have or subscribe to in times of crisis in order to overcome adversity. I wrote the lyrics to the song shortly after the Aurora theater shooting in Colorado. I was there that night and a leader of one of the police response teams so dealt with my first mass casualty event. It was brutal and bloody and deeply disturbing.” – @CoreZeroDenver

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


I’ve been a musician since I was a child…
My parents started me off singing in boys choirs and also did some piano lessons as well as playing brass instruments throughout school. I was enamored with the music videos I grew up with on MTV and decided that someday I would do that. “That” started with my first band in college. I was in a total of three bands in college during that time period. We played a lot of shows and even did some basic recording but none of those bands ever went anywhere. I then had to choose my “adult” life when college was over in terms of making money to survive.

I became a cop (worked well with my military background) and took a break from music. That break didn’t last very long. Due to the stresses of the job and the fact that I really missed music I replied to an add looking for a vocalist for a project in Denver. I spent a year and a half with that project and in the process met Scott Martin my vocal instructor and Steve Avedis our current producer/engineer. After having creative differences with the vocal project I was booted out and subsequently started looking for other gigs now that the music bug was revived in me. I found this group of guys, we started playing covers, then writing a few originals. Several personnel changes and years later Core Zero was born from the original group.

Find Me…
is basically about finding whatever center or deity you have or subscribe to in times of crisis in order to overcome adversity. I wrote the lyrics to the song shortly after the Aurora theater shooting in Colorado. I was there that night and a leader of one of the police response teams so dealt with my first mass casualty event. It was brutal and bloody and deeply disturbing. This song was an attempt to get re centered in what I believed personally and to make some sense of useless tragedy. It was also an attempt to speak to others in terms of finding peace and relief in times of crisis.

Link to purchase song –                                  https://www.reverbnation.com/corezero/song/18082160-find-me

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What you can expect from Core Zero is…
great music focused around song themes that we think are relevant in todays world. Greed vs. giving, fear vs. hope, the evils of terrorism, and even some patriotic themes – I was a soldier and cop after all ☺ I feel that Core Zero is special in terms of its members. We all have a long music history and are a reflection of our life experiences up to this point. We also come from diverse music backgrounds which brings a number of elements to our music that can be related to both old school rock and modern current rock. In terms of understanding our music, we write our songs to our fans. We try to tell a story or imply a theme for the songs. In most cases the listener can take the song and derive their own truth from it which we encourage. In terms of our goals and desired career path we hope this album release will be the first in a couple of steps in taking this band national. We would love the opportunity to enjoy national FM radio play, do some gigging, and most of all meet new fans. We will be using a couple of different strategies for marketing. We will of course use social media and email for existing and new fans. We are also in the planning stages for the first video or two for the new album and plan to work with Davo Paul (Sevendust, Butcher Babies ) who is a fantastic video producer. Cool connect there, he and I went to school together in elementary school in Florida so small world! We will also be using a direct email marketing campaign and hopefully some advertising as well in the coming year.

The band is based out of Denver…
The scene in Denver is pretty small and smaller still for any rock related genre. It’s a lot bigger for pop and light rock than hard rock or metal. As a result gigging can be challenging. They do have some great theaters and clubs that we have played over the years however.
It’s Colorado….so go outside and enjoy!

So I had an idea about starting a cigar brand based on the band…
My business partner and I got that idea going about 5 years ago and have developed it into CZ Cigars. We currently have four blends in our brand. Two named after the band (Core Zero Indie, Core Zero Metal) and two named after our patriotic backgrounds, Serie Patriota (Patriot Series) : The Constitution and the Declaration. Myself and several of the band members love cigars and we enjoy them frequently!

Music business…
is what it is. It is undergoing a lot of changes currently and is deep into uncharted territory where the old norms are going away. This can make it even more challenging for an Indie artist to succeed.

The pros to the situation is…
there is more and more capability to make and produce music without a label. The con to that is there is so much noise out there it is hard to get your band heard and you really have to work hard to stand out in the crowd of good bands.

This is a work in progress for us…
Most of us in the band have some form of business experience so we are trying to adapt things we have learned over the years and apply them to the way we run the band. There is a business side to being in a band that many are not aware of and if it isn’t done right the results can be catastrophic in terms of failure.

Social media…
I really enjoy social media personally. It’s great for connecting with old friends and acquaintances as well as finding new ones. In terms of a band it’s a great way to keep your fans informed and provides a platform for your fans to share things that they like with their friends which leads to more fans!

The biggest challenge in my mind is relevance…
Social media is face paced and needs to be maintained daily. Honestly without the help our online manager Cori Rucker of Rucker Entertainment and her team there is no way I would be able to keep up with it on top of my other responsibilities.

Singles vs an album…
Singles are a good way to get your new stuff out there fast. We like a mixture of the two. A few singles to whet the appetite and then the album for the main meal.

Sometimes if a project is taking longer than originally expected you can release a single here and there to keep something new and fresh coming to your fans and keep them engaged. This keeps the band front and center in the minds of your fans and helps them keep up the excitement they originally felt when they discovered you. It also gives the fans a preview of what you are working on so they know what they can expect out of the new album. Then when the album hits they are ready for it and already have a feel for what is going on.
Talk about the differences in your marketing strategy to support your preference.

Our strategy has been to aggressively market singles on the social media platforms and others while continuing with the album project. Once the album is released then we will switch to the album as the focus.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…. Dimebag Darrel. I look at him as basically one of the founders of modern hard rock and metal. He thought outside of the box in terms of his playing, his tone, and Pantera’s overall attitude. He was a phenomenal player and musician and left this world too early.

He is inspiring for me in the fact that he represents all that I love about rock n roll. The music, the attitude, the lifestyle etc. He was good to fans and helped push our genre into new territory when it was really needed.


There is always the pressure to be relevant in music…
We strive to take what we like and blend it together in a way that we think the fans will like. We strive to incorporate new ideas into models that have been consistently popular with fans in terms of arrangements etc The fans are the focus of our writing and without them we are just five dudes playing in a basement studio. . That being said we aren’t afraid of doing something completely off the wall in terms of style.

I am most afraid of…
This one is easy. I think we are ALL afraid of failure. That concept applies to everyone equally no matter what you are doing. In most cases failure means that you cant afford to feed yourself or your family. The negative consequences of failure are far reaching in someone’s life. They can also be positive as well. Through failure often comes success if you can learn to apply the lessons of experience.

My personal definition of success is..
Being able to live the lifestyle you desire by doing the things that you love.

My cigar company would be one for starters. We broke into a pretty closed industry as a couple of gringos and got things going. It was a long and hard road and we pretty much made every mistake from a business standpoint that you can. We were able to weather it all and not close the company and now have four cigars lines that I believe are going to be very financially successful for the company in the next few years. In some ways this year is our reboot or 2.0 if you will for the company after suffering some pretty extreme shortfalls. Also surviving 18 years of law enforcement is another one Im happy about hahaha.

My over all goal for my life & career is…
For me personally it’s about living how I and my family want to live. Not necessarily what society wants us to do. I’m done with the days of a brain damaging 60 hour work week and barely making ends meet. I can barely make ends meet by only working 20 hours a week now so that is a good trade! The long term goal for me for the band would be to make enough in sales and shows for all five of us to be able to quit the day jobs and do music exclusively. That’s pretty much the general rock and roll dream – pursuing what you love and being able to do that exclusively.

3 Ways that I challenge myself…

  1. Be flexible. I quit my cop job after 18 years and left a steady paycheck to try to make my dreams happen. People called me crazy for doing so. Now I do the band, cigars, and real estate to put food on the table. I’m also always open to new things in terms of making money to make ends meet and will try just about anything. My schedule at my terms. So far so good.
  2. Be intentional. It’s easy for life to slip on by without us realizing it. A colleague told me that you want to live an intentional life by design instead of being on auto pilot and then one day realize you are old and haven’t accomplished any of your dreams. You do this by picking the one thing daily that will make the most difference in what you are trying to accomplish…and then intentionally do it. The great news is that you can start this type of intentional living at any point in your life, old or young, and reap the benefits!
  3. Be spiritual. Whether people want to believe it or not I think there is a spiritual aspect to life. Call it God, Karma, or whatever, I think that you ignore this part of you to your own peril. If you can get focused daily on what you believe that can help keep you encouraged, keep a positive outlook, and provide energy to accomplish your goal. It also allows us to focus on something other than ourselves for a time which is not exactly what we as a selfish society promote. That outward looking focus can in itself be very personally rewarding as well as helping others around us.

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