(Behind The Music) Crash n Recovery on The Vast Landscape of the Soul

(Behind The Music) Crash n Recovery on The Vast Landscape of the Soul

“The song deals with the outpost of existence so the   “territory “and “Minefield “are actually attempting to symbolize the inner realm – the vast landscape of the soul. ” – Crash n Recovery (Sweden) @Crashnrecovery

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By Jacqueline Jax- Host A.V.A Live Radio

The Band…
All the band members have been active musicians for many years long before we decided to form Crash n Recovery back in 2012. We`ve all been playing in various bands prior to this but I think I speak for all of us when I say that this has been our most successful project. There`s magic in the air when we`re all in the same room just rehearsing together. That’s something I`ve never experienced with any other constellation.

“Minefield “. ..
When we released our single “Minefield “last year in March, we wanted a proper video to go along with it so we decided to shoot a video not too far from where we live here in northern Sweden. We wanted the video to reflect the hostile and barren environment that the song describes. The song deals with the outpost of existence so the   “territory “and “Minefield “are actually attempting to symbolize the inner realm – the vast landscape of the soul. We were pretty happy with the results as we shot the video in an abandoned house in the coldest day of the winter. It was freezing cold and our fingers were frozen stiff. Another aspect of the song, which I personally relate very closely to, is the difficultness and struggles of following the voice of the heart – in this case, trying to make it in the music industry. At the video shoot we found ourselves at a crossroads where we had literally put our very last dime into Crash n Recovery and the dream that we were willing to go under for. Every word of the song is very personal for me as it verbalizes the situation I was in at that time.

Promotion vs Creativity…
We worked very actively with marketing our band and our music the first couple of years. I must have sent 10000’s of e-mails and spent many, many hours on social media sites to promote our music. I guess we owe some of our success to being active on those sites but it`s a quite deceiving trap to fall into as well. By that I mean that new artists & bands can easily lose themselves in that artificial world where followers and likes can become the most important thing in the world, while the craft becomes secondary.

Oh, just pick one? Hard. Buffy Saint Marie is one of my favorite artists which we actually got to meet when we both played at Skagen festival in Denmark 2013. Me and Roberth ( the guitarist) saw her live in Stockholm in 2012 and were deeply moved by her wonderful performance, so you can imagine how thrilling it was to share a gig with her and meeting her in person. I really appreciate her lyrical splendor and her great songwriting and I’m also inspired by her being so outspoken when it comes to her Cree heritage and the social injustice aboriginal people have to put up with.

Since none of us are spring-chickens anymore we don’t try to fit into the frame of mainstream pop or country pop. We will probably never get played on MTV and that just fine by us. What we have been trying to do is make our way into the alternative scene of Americana or alt country. It`s very important for us to maintain our integrity and our creative freedom and that’s probably why we haven`t found a record label to suit our needs yet. We`re simply too old and jaded to become puppets of a label who only care about sales figures and entities sold when we`d be perfectly satisfied with a smaller, independent label which appreciate us as we are.

Fitting into a mold…
Actually no, we`re still too thickheaded and stubborn to just try to fit into a certain genre. We want our music to be on our terms as we are the one writing it and the most important thing for us is that we produce music which is honest and comes from the heart.

Being Nominated..
It all started when we got in contact with Lee Williams,-promoter for country music in Europe and founder of CMR Nashville in the UK. He fell in love with our debut album “post the storm” and started playing our music on air. After that we`ve released three singles on the so called Hotdisc which is a promotional CD distributed to hundreds of radio stations and magazines which in their turn rates the various songs on the CD. If you get a good rating you might make it into the “Hotdisc top 40” which serves as the no 1 country chart in Europe. We`ve managed to get on the chart with all three singles. At best, our latest single “Since we went to sleep” peaked at #10 and stayed on the chart for 14 weeks which is quite an achievement since the longevity of a single usually extend to 10 weeks. I`m pretty sure that if we wouldn`t have made it onto the chart several times we never would have been nominated for Best European Act at the British Country Music Awards.

Gaining Ground…
We`ve definitely seen an increase in interest for the band both locally, but mainly in other countries in Europe. Since the nomination we`ve, been signed to booking agency called frusion in the UK which are responsible for booking in the whole of Europe, the US and South East Asia.

My personal definition of success is simply happiness. Isn`t that what we all strive for? Isn`t that what we`re searching for in one way or another? I don`t believe that materialistic, or egoistic satisfaction is a measurement of success as I define it. When we are constantly searching for new kicks and reaching for new goals we only get glimpses of happiness or what I would call “artificial joy” instead of opening up to true happiness as a long lasting state of mind. Funny enough, one of my songs from my solo debut album is called “Success by definition”.

If heaven exists what’s the first thing you would like to hear god say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
Welcome back!

Artist Bio and social media info:
With their roots in the deep woods of northern Sweden, Crash n Recovery’s wings are taking them around the world. They have just been nominated as Best European Act by British CMA Awards and their original music has been featured on a local TV show in Nashville! Ever since they started out in 2012 their tunes have been played on thousands of radio stations in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.
The two singles “Anna Lee” and “Minefield” have been succesful on the European Country Chart Hotdisc Top 40 for 20 weeks altogether with a peak at no 12. All 13 songs from the popular album “Post the storm” (released 2012-11-02) have been played on air.

When it comes to their praised sound, Crash n Recovery create a perfect fusion of traditional/alternative Country and contemporary Americana. To stay connected to their own roots, their Scandinavian heritage is also thrown into the mix through folk music, contributing to their signature sound. It’s familiar and fresh at the same time!

Crash n recovery’s greatest strength, would be as a live act; giving their all on stage; sharing joy, sorrow, passion and sweet melancholy with the audience. The band like to keep it raw n real, hence the use of live, acoustic instruments on stage; contra bass, banjo, acoustic guitars, fiddle, mandolin, accordion and drums (and an occasional
pedal steel or dobro)… and they do all the writing, arranging,
recording, producing and performing themselves. Throughout the summers of 2012,-13 and -14 the band have been touring in Europe, playing at major festivals, sharing stages with artists such as Leann Rimes, Buffy Sainte Marie, The Kilkenny’s, Tupelo, Bruce Guthro, Oysterband, Folk the recession, Music Road Pilots, Hicks, Harold Hawkins Jr, Ten Years After and many, many more.

But first and foremost this is a band which is working very hard to make a name for themselves. they are real musicians, honest people and talented songwriters with an ambition to reach for the stars.


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