{Behind The Music} David Shane on Death of Me

{Behind The Music} David Shane on Death of Me

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DAVID SHANE
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Death of Me…
It’s one of those songs that puts you into a deep mood; instantly. I wanted to bring my fans a step closer into what I went through in the past 4 years of my life. I wanted to have my audience up close and personal to this song that has so much meaning to me. “Death of Me” is explaining the journey I went through during a hardship in my life.

In this particular moment of my life, I was broken. I had hit ground zero and had lost all hope. “Death of Me” captures a late night when I received excruciating news and didn’t know what to do. This song came to me very fast. I would say it was a matter of days I worked on songwriting, until I arrived at the completion on this particular track. I performed all the instrumentation as well as vocals, produced the entire track and recorded my vocal performance in a well known studio in California.

The meaning behind my Album “Broken Alive” 
“Broken Alive” is unique in that it consists of Mainstream Pop with a mix of Deep Emotional Soulful melodies. “To be alive is to be broken; to be broken is to stand in need of grace”. You don’t know what it feels like to be alive until you’ve experienced what it’s like to be broken. It’s about how people have to go through experiences and learn lessons in life in order to grow and become a more well rounded being. You have to be broken down in order to become alive. When you can take everything wrong with your life and grow from it, that there is truly the beauty in life. When you can appreciate and accept the good things in your life, then you know you’re becoming ALIVE.

Pop Artist ‘David Shane’…
I wrote this album with the intention of wanting to share my story to the world. I wanted an album of songs that all sorts of people could connect and relate to. I feel “Broken Alive” is genuinely relatable on all levels of life; good and bad.
I live in Phoenix, Arizona. The music scene over here currently is leaning towards Hardcore and Classic Rock bands. This makes it very hard for me as there really isn’t a supporting venue or audience that shows interest in Pop Music. I have performed at a few Local Venues in town like The Nile, Martini Ranch, Venue of Scottsdale, RED Club, and a bunch of coffee shops and bars.

Music industry…
I feel that the music business is overly saturated. In other words there are a lot of sound a-likes and also a lot of songs that don’t really have a lot of meaning or purpose behind the lyrics. I feel the only way to make it is to stand out and be unique. That is the way that an upcoming artist can shine. Everyone has easy access to a recording studio which makes it harder to cut through the mix. But if you have the talent and can song-write, then I say you have a strong advantage over others you’re competing against. I personally have had some great success and achievements thus far in my career. I have written songs for several publishing companies including Universal Music Group, FirstCom, Crucial Music and many more. I have had songs of mine placed into  several well known TV Shows from around the world, been featured in movies, Radio Stations, Newspapers, Blogs and Playlists. I also just released my latest record “Broken Alive” with a well known producer in California who has worked with acts such as Justin Bieber, Lil John, Mario, Snoop Dog, Jason Derulo, Post Malone and many more.

I would like to have 5 minutes…
alone with Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic and Adam Lavigne from Maroon5. I chose these two singer/songwriters because I have always looked up to them. I strongly admire their work. Also, their lyrics and songs are phenomenal and I think it would be awesome to sit down with them and collaborate on a future project to come. Pop Artist ‘David Shane’

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