{Behind The Music} Deborah Wilson and Corrine Preno of Renora Code

{Behind The Music} Deborah Wilson and Corrine Preno of Renora Code

renora_code_indiemusic“The Now moment brings experience and knowledge. And from that Now moment comes creative inspiration. So we only live in the Now.” – Renora Code

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW MOSES JONES…
Interview by Jacqueline Jax / Radio host & music journalist

Renora Code .. Our start in music…
As Individuals we have two separate stories. But speaking solely of Renora Code’s identity, it began as an experimental Duo performing live covers in local venues. We had known each other for years but the opportunity never arose. With our many years of experience we began to book shows in local venues and perform but our real passion was writing and recording music. We found a manager and publisher (Four Pines Music) that really understands us and shares in our passion and that’s where we are at now. We have already released a few songs and got some great reactions. We have started to build up a good fan base and brand. It motivates us to record more songs.



is one of our most uniquely creative songs. Its base is dance novelty. It started out as a 2 bar measure. She heard BOOM in the music and I heard CHA. From there it was making vocal sounds from the beat. We were laughing and making up words as different characters. The lyrics started to flow. Falling into 3 different characters and 3 different grooves. We began to feel a fun dance song in development. It’s a lot of things in one song to digest. We looked at each other and said who does that our response to each other was only RENORA CODE. So a song filled with a carnival of characters, a swing, a hip hop and a dash of theatrical to complete the feel, we added a cat walk sound with 1 2 3. Now there’s a master piece.

The music scene here…
mostly consists of a variety of rock and karaoke. So the venues are limited for live music. We do have a few venues we play on a regular basis and where our performance is appreciated by the crowd. One fun thing we do is host an open mike night to help promote other local talent. It’s a lot of fun hanging out and working with fellow musicians. We also love to share our musical knowledge with others by offering music and vocal lessons. It’s very rewarding.

The one thing about social media…
we enjoy the most is meeting such great talented artists and becoming friends. We think there are many challenges in social media. Being a newcomer is one or getting accepted into a click. It’s a 50/50 deal, you have followers that will talk about you and you have followers that will only talk about themselves. We support before we boast.

Breaking into the mainstream…
Rules apply. We think they just don’t give the Indie Artists enough of their time and space. Indie Artists have to prove themselves above and beyond. Then money becomes an issue. Unfortunately in the music business it takes money to make money. When you start announcing your career to be an Indie, it’s a process of losing friends first before the big gain of solid fans. A solid fan base is made up of people you don’t know. Takes a lot of social networking.

Favorite Artist…
Corrine’s favorite artist is PRINCE. She relates to his artistic abilities being a multi-instrumentalist. The fact that he was never afraid of being himself, writing his own music regardless of the opinions of others. She feels his style of music is timeless.
For me since a kid, I love Billy Joel. His writing, his piano playing, his ability to emote. I had the opportunity to attend one of his concerts with a back stage hand pass. I had rules to follow though. Don’t act like a fan, pretend you’ve met him before. I saw the band’s sound check before the concert. It was amazing. I remember him in street clothes and a baseball cap saying take that down a half, take that down a step. Then I got to go back stage. There was a loading dock everyone from the crew went to, to have a cigarette. There I stood next to Billy, petting his dog while he had a smoke. Talking and telling jokes with the sax player, it was the highlight of my life. I did manage to get 2 autographed cd’s and an original song list from that night. I’ll never forget it.

Being remembered…
We would like to leave at least 1 song that sticks with people and which stands the test of time, as many artists have done before us. To be remembered as great Pop songwriters who wrote a song for ________?(known artist)
has no monetary value. We create out of passion and love for music. Negative energy comes in many shapes and colors. First you question and judgeyourself and become your own worst critic. We feel there are many trendy listeners who listen to all genres of music. So there is a balance flowing out there.

We act morally and have faith in a higher being. Fate is a belief system. What you believe is mirrored back to you in your life. One who believes in the Law of Attraction must first study and understand it’ssource of energy before it can actually work in your favor. You have to believe it already exists, it’s an invisible unified field of conciseness. But doing it is another story. Yes, we would say it exists.

We are most thankful for…
the Now moment. The Now moment brings experience and knowledge. And from that Now moment comes creative inspiration. So we only live in the Now.

In 5 years…
In a total state of grace from the efforts that lead to the success of Renora Code.

I’m happy when…
I’m Feeling the balance of prosperity and joy in the world. To have people see through the eyes of spirit. Because that would be living in heaven on earth.

I am a musician because..
We both discovered at very young ages that we were born to entertain and perform. It was our only comfort zone. It’s where we feel most successful in our lives. We’ve learned that you have to keep momentum and inspiration going in your music or you can lose the authentic appeal. Our plan is to keep an open mind and learn tomorrow what we don’t know today.

On the right track..
To find out what abilities you have feel the most natural. Things that come natural for someone is already built into their individual blue print. The confirmation or validation you receive from others, lets you know you are on the right track.

A persons riches are…
identified through what is priceless in their lives. As an Indie Artist the most priceless thing you can have is popularity. Having a large following and fan base.

We handle conflict…
with an open mind. We stay calm and respectful. The universe has a way with working out conflicts on its own. We have a great management and support team behind us, Four Pines Music, that is always there when we need them.

Definition of success..
One who achieves their highest potential in doing what makes them happy.

Everyone has limits. Limits are obstacles that come in your way and block whatever it is your trying toachieve. We feel some obstacles can be overcome and some can’t. Our goal is to overcome and adapt to those limits/obstacles.

If heaven exists what’s the first thing you would like to hear god say when you arrive at the pearly gates…
You girls did a great job during your time on earth making people smile through your music.


Their songs “Boost it” and “Gimmie Dat” are available on CD Baby at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/renoracode
The song “Just Mine” is available as a free download on Reverbnation at http://www.reverbnation.com/renoracode you can also purchase Boost it or Gimmie Dat there as well.

Renora Code
This is a female duo made up of Corrine Preno and Deborah Wilson. Both are registered BMI artists/songwriters.
They write, record, engineer and perform a mix of top 40 Pop, dance and electronic music with a unique vibe. They also write some novelty tunes like “Boost it” that they have directed toward the commercial and advertising markets with a specific theme in mind.
Corrine Preno began to sing at the age of 4. Music was her destiny. She started playing guitar at age 11 and was performing live at the age of 14. She is now a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist and professional performer. She writes, mixes and engineers all her own music.
Deborah Wilson has always had a passion for music. She studied flute and guitar and was college trained in classical music. She started out performing live as a DJ and became influenced by the pop and dance music she was playing. She joined up with Corrine Preno to collaborate and write dance music that they feel is unique and on the cutting edge.
Renora Code has a catalog of music available for the right artist to perform live and record. These are all unreleased recordings that a pop artist can make their own. In addition, Renora code is open to collaborate and take an existing original song and reengineer it for the artist for a fee. They can add in vocals or additional instrumental mixes as needed. There are currently 2 songs posted to Reverbnation, which is only a sample of their work. Listed in the Top 10% globally for Reverbnation. Check out this link to view their stats, listener comments and song samples:  http://www.reverbnation.com/rpk/renoracode

Renora code is currently under the management of Four Pines Music, LLC and inquires for collaborations, song requests, commercial or movie soundtracks can be directed to them via email music33@ptd.net

Their twitter account is @renoracode and facebook is Renora Code

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