{Behind The Music} Decades on Golden State

{Behind The Music} Decades on Golden State

Decades indie band“Greed and ignorance can blind someone however close to you they may be. It’s also about people turning their back on people they love even if it is a hard decision sometimes people feel it may be necessary. ” – @decadesmusic

December 16 1:40 pm et:
Episode #282 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DECADES
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio
Jose Rodriguez

I was always attracted to music my whole life…
but the real first step was going to some local shows where I saw an opportunity to do this myself. The moment that idea popped into my head my life had changed.

Golden State…
is about how the value of everyone’s truth is different and sometimes choices you make devalue you. Greed and ignorance can blind someone however close to you they may be. It’s also about people turning their back on people they love even if it is a hard decision sometimes people feel it may be necessary. It’s mostly just a plea to open your eyes if you feel there may be a situation in your life where anger is putting a veil over your judgement. Let go of all the nonsense and open up into a golden state where you can think clear and make the right choice for yourself and for others.

Decades indie music 2

We hope that people are gathering from our music is that we are just not trying to write a song. We are striving to write a great song with meaningful lyrics and something people can relate to. We put a lot of time into our music and love when someone can reach out and appreciate these songs with us.


We all live in northern NJ area about 10 minutes outside of NYC…
Music scene is pretty great in Nj especially for young kids, big time acts come through NYC all the time so it’s great to live in this area we are from, you have a solid balance of mainstream/commercial and real underground/grassroots bands keeping it real.

Besides local shows here in NJ we spend a lot of time in NYC/Brooklyn area because there is so much to do there. We really like the energy there and hope to be playing there as much as possible.

Most of us are big movie buffs, besides that we honestly would just be working on music even if it may not be for the band. Either expanding our skills or just writing material to spark something that can possibly be parlayed into use for Decades.

Music business…
I feel the music business is always changing. That makes you have to adapt with it and in turn it’s an exciting time to be making music. The constant challenge of staying on top of your game as well as pushing to expand your outreach everyday through various social media outlets keeps us motivated and our thoughts in the right frame of mind.

Pros and cons I have experienced…
Pros are you have so much interaction with fans and we enjoy that. The cons are the amount of money that sometimes is inevitable to pay for your band to get those little extra pushes in the right direction. Although this is what we love to do, there is nothing else we’d rather be putting our money towards.

Over coming the hurdles and pitfalls…
Careful budgeting, constant writing, and keeping an open avenue of communication among the members of the band is very important.

Social media…
We love social media, especially Twitter and Instagram. Everyone in general loves a band who has a lot of content and sometimes that is the difference between getting that follow/share and being passed over for the next band.

Yes we are planning on working on some music videos in the future…
video production and graphic design I feel are two very important tools to have at your disposal in this new music landscape. If you can find a way to tip those in your favor you’re doing great if you put the rest of the work in.

Singles vs an album..
Our first EP we wanted to release in an album fashion just because fans didn’t have a base of sounds to build our sound off of. We all agree that we will try singles in the future just because it is a great way to keep music coming and releasing content with each track. Just keeps you fresh in the mind of the listener and potential fan. Opposed to one release of 12 songs and no new music for 6 months you can spread that out and be strategic with your content.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
At this point in our band life I would have to say Michael Beinhorn. He just sticks out because we are writing new material and he has worked with a load of bands that we look up to. Just pick his brain, ask him how it was to record some of our favorite artist, and maybe get an estimate on how much it would be to record with him.

Being trendy…
Well I think it is just a part of human nature to want to progress, although some bands take trends to a fault, I think you can use it as a tool to keep things fresh and exciting. There most definitely is a balance and I think it depends what your style of music is and the personalities in your writing dynamic that will determine that.

I am most afraid of…
losing a finger, possibly a hand I would say is definitely up there right now in this point of my life.

My personal definition of success is..
Playing big shows, like the festival circuit and just doing great tours in general. Being in a position where my band can afford to be on the road and be comfortable. Possibly a really nice tour bus or two. Buying some nice cameras and studio equipment.

My over all goal for my life & career is…
To be active in the studio to continue putting out as much music as possible , playing the biggest shows we can get on, and making music that will touch people.

3 Ways that I challenge myself …

1) Improving our skills musically and vocally.

2) Staying in front of new techniques to reach our fanbase.

3) Playing live as much as possible to stay in touch with our fanbase, and receive feedback.


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SoundCloud Link to featured song: https://soundcloud.com/decadesbandmusic/golden-state

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