{Behind The music) Dinorah Zamora on Count Your Shoes

{Behind The music) Dinorah Zamora on Count Your Shoes

I like to describe my music as soul music because it’s what comes out. It’s hard for me to identify myself in just one genre or even two.

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Band Name: Dinorah Zamora

Song name: Count Your Shoes
Music Genre:: Singer-Songwriter, Latin Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Soul
Count Your Shoes” is a song about an experience I had, dealing with a person who was really into psychology and analyzing people. It’s a sassy take on how a person who thinks they have everyone figured out should realize how many shoes they’re trying to fit into, metaphorically speaking, instead of their own. As some point in the song I mention him thinking how I’m supposed to be a lady and act a certain way, so I call him a baby!


Link to play:: https://www.reverbnation.com/dinorahzamora/song/27150001-count-your-shoes


My music is..
I like to describe my music as soul music because it’s what comes out. It’s hard for me to identify myself in just one genre or even two. I grew up internationally, listened to many different genres and met a lot of unique people. I feel that my music revolves around that journey and what I’ve experienced in my life, traveling and making new connections/stories.


I live in…
I was born in La Paz B.C, Mexico, moved to San Diego at a young age and ended up living in China for 5 years of my life. The music scene in Shenzhen, China is what began my entire musical career. I started performing at open mics and such at the age of 12, learning from the bar’s bands and the musician community in Shekou. At 16 I moved back to San Diego to continue my career with wider opportunities. The music scene here is very different from where I came from but it’s very friendly and open-minded. I’ve met really cool musicians and have had groovy jam outs so far. I’m really excited to keep working on this journey and seeing what happens.


What defines “Success” to you?
Success to me is never ending. I feel successful when I write a song, get musicians together for a jam, keep my room clean, finish a project, etc. Being happy and focused on what you’re doing/achieving at the moment is what makes you the most successful you can be.


What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?:
“Don’t think – just feel” I honestly don’t remember if someone told me that or if I heard it somewhere, but it’s the best advice I believe in musically.. to an extent of course. I feel that sometimes we get too caught up in a note or a word of a song that it confuses the whole thing, making it stressful (or maybe I’m just a perfectionist). But personally, I’m learning everyday to go with the flow of what feels right without overthinking.

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