{Behind The Music} DrewB Doing It Right

{Behind The Music} DrewB Doing It Right

“Us as the people are stuck in a facade that if it’s not catching the attention of others by promoting negativity then it’s not a hit. That’s why as an artist it’s imperative for me to do it right from the start especially for our younger generation to come. ” – DrewB : Florida @OGTNB_DrewB

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DREWB
By Jacqueline Jax

Good Chance

It started back in December of 2011 along with my older brother Phil who’s currently serving in the military. We were part of this rap group called Company 1-A aka C1-A for short in Plant City, Florida. We recorded songs with the group and uploaded them onto Reverbnation while attending Hillsborough Community College at the Plant City campus full time. I also had a part time job working at Sears inside the Westshore mall in Tampa in order to pay for school, production, and recording studio time. The story behind my song “Good Chance” is about my ex-coworker named Maria who worked in the shoe department downstairs at my job. At the time she was 38 with an 11 year old daughter and I was 23. I’ve always had an attraction for older women (preferably the ones in their mid-late 30s up to their early 40s) and I would always see her working so hard to give the best customer service to our shopping guests. It was her smile that just made her so noticeably attractive. I shared with another coworker who I was best friends with named Tae Woodard telling him “Yo Tae, Maria is so gorgeous man and I want to take her on a date.” He laughed and said “Drew she’s way older than you and she has a daughter. There’s no way she’d date you.” I replied, “Bro, she’s 38, perfect height at 5’5, cuban, dark straight hair, and has the physique of a 21 year old. She’s putting shame upon the girls our age, but hey what’s the worse that could happen if I ask her out? A no?” He said “Well, you might have a chance. Maybe, but I doubt it.” And I said “I think I gotta good chance.” So after work when I got home at 10pm I went on twitter and networked for producers to send me instrumental beats. Ironically a producer from New Jersey happened to have a beat called Good Chance and so I heard it. After hearing his production it was confirmation for me to use that beat and I wrote the song about Maria that same night. I stayed up until about 5:30am to finish the record. I sent the beat to an indie producer named Shaquille Mitchell (a friend of mine who also lives in Plant City) so that he can put more of a hip hop feel behind it. He remade the beat himself to his style because the one I got from twitter was a bit too slow and classical. After he finished the beat he sent it to me and then I sent it to my music manager Keith Richardson. After he heard it he contacted two other artists to feature on my song. An R&B singer named Demont aka Demont Ti-22 is the artist who’s singing on the hook. The second indie artist is a Haitian jazz trumpeter named Caleb Joseph and he played his trumpet over the hook. I got paid that upcoming Friday from work and with my paycheck I spent the whole thing on studio time to record this song and also to get it mixed and mastered at the well known professional studio Deep Productions in Tampa by Bryan Tyson of Atlantic Records. During the creation process of this record words from other coworkers were circulating at Sears back to Maria that Drew who works upstairs in the tools department wrote a song about you and it’s going to be on the radio. She was so surprised and didn’t believe them and said no way that’s not true. One day I was brave enough to ask her out on a date but she said I was too young for her and that we’re not allowed to date coworkers within the same workplace. I felt shot down but as a man I didn’t sweat it so I said “Ok I can respect that. No problem, but I still can’t resist that smile of yours. I love it.” She was blushing and said “Drew you’re sweet. Thank you!” I had quit working at Sears in September of 2013 to focus more on my academics and my music career. I then released my first EP entitled “I Am DrewB” on my 24th birthday two months later. I created a buzz both on Twitter and Facebook by sharing my soundcloud page with my followers and friends. After receiving so many compliments and notifications from my female friends and even guys too about the song Good Chance, my manager took the initiative to get the record on the air and it played on the University of South Florida’s college radio station hosted by Slick Worthington in May of 2014. My ex-coworker Tae heard it on the air and it was ironic that Maria was working with him that day and said to her “Hey Maria, remember Drew who worked in tools?” She said “Yeah, where is he? I haven’t seen him in a while.” He said “Oh he had left the job since last year to go back to school and pursuit his music career. His song Good Chance that he wrote about you is on the radio right now.” He was streaming the radio station’s website off of his phone and he let her listen to it. After hearing Good Chance she was astonished and said “Oh my gosh I love it. I never knew he was going to really write a song about me. Oh my gosh! If you talk to him again or see him tell him I love the song.” I made a visit to Tae at Sears about 3 months later while the record was still in rotation at USF and I happen to bump into Maria. She smiled and said “Hi Drew I heard your song and I want to say thank you. I never knew you liked me that much.” I said “Yes I really did at the time I was working here but that’s in the past. Hope that both you and your daughter are doing well.” She said “Yes she is and thank you for asking. I wish you well with your music.” Then she gave me a hug. I wanted to sneak in a kiss on the cheek but I didn’t want to seem desperate or disrespectful, so I had to settle for the hug instead.

The music scene like in Plant City, Florida….

The music scenery isn’t very broad at all. The population consists of about 2,000 people and because the city is so small it’s nicknamed as “Itty Bitty Plant City.” Though we’re not known much for music, Plant City has the best strawberries in the nation. People have traveled from out of state and even from overseas to come to the Strawberry Festival that we host once a year. It consists of roller coaster rides, delicious fried treats from Oreos, to ice cream, to butter, and even candy too. Most importantly people come for our strawberries. The strawberry shortcake milkshakes too is a must buy and try while attending the festival. I never went for any of that though, so I just went for the games to win prizes.

Social media…

Just how convenient it is to network across the globe to anyone wherever and whenever you want. From Facebook to Instagram to Vine to Twitter and YouTube. It’s amazing to see how technology has a big part of an artist’s success seeing how easy it is to share and network your music, your craft, or your business. Through my endeavors, a challenge for me was not having internet access to communicate with my friends/fans online. It’s very rural and country like where I reside and we’re about 1,000 feet from the road. Having wifi at any house around where I live is luxury to acquire because the closest thing to any socialism of interaction publicly was about a 20 minute drive. That’s why I network off of my iPhone a lot but pay more for GB of data usage on my plan. RIP and thank you to Steve Jobbs. Team iPhone! Lol

Artistic Influences…

It’s most definitely the rapper Jay Z aka Sean Carter. Though his music doesn’t implement anything that has to do with my life personally, but it’s the storyline behind his lyricism (especially on his Reasonable Doubt album) that catches my attention. He influences me not more as being an artist, but more from the perspective of being a business man first and an artist second.


Music is most definitely trendy nowadays. If the prominence of an artist is noticeable by having one of their popular songs in rotation, but has no substance behind the record then their artistry is irrelevant. Us as the people are stuck in a facade that if it’s not catching the attention of others by promoting negativity then it’s not a hit. That’s why as an artist it’s imperative for me to do it right from the start especially for our younger generation to come. We’re taught by the system to be independent, be creative, be yourself, be you but yet we tend to follow the lifestyle of what society portrays on television. The stereotype of what a rapper looks like and raps about isn’t positive most of the time. As a conscious artist, I’ve created my own lane and proved to the people that independence is bliss.

My definition of success..

Accomplishing your set goals/dreams that’ll be a beneficiary not only to yourself but also towards the universe.

If heaven exists what’s the first thing you would like to hear god say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

“When you were conceived inside your mothers womb I was certain that you’d have a good chance at life and from what has been reviewed, well done.”

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