“Dirty hands make clean money” this was something my grandfather used to say to me all the time. It’s funny as we get older that the things from our past seem to take on new meaning and relevance.


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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW ED ROMAN
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio
Song : The Way She Goes
Music Genre/ category : Singer-Songwriter, Americana, Folk
“Dirty hands make clean money” this was something my grandfather used to say to me all the time. It’s funny as we get older that the things from our past seem to take on new meaning and relevance. I’m continually amazed at the change in the state of our sociological an anthropological existence. There are so many essential basic things that we have forgotten how to do and take for granted.. The idea of the consumer species and the fact that lifestyle has become a convenience has created a weakness and our ability to sustain ourselves when necessary.

It seemed to me as a child I had so many questions and the answers I were given were more like parables that self sustain themselves inside of my conscience. The answers to those questions are continually being remolded in order to bring about more fruitful way of thinking and lifestyle. There are so many things that we now think are redundant or irrelevant but yet we still find ourselves in the state of necessity when it comes to food agriculture water the right to free speech and so many other things.

The song is designed to be more of a catalyst as it were, very similar to those kinds of answers I was given. They hopefully have more depth than the superficial aspect of what they directly mean. There are so many things in our lives that are beyond our control. Sometimes it’s better not to lose yourself in the confluence but rather flow with the stream as required. It’s just the way things go sometimes..

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New album… RED OMEN ED ROMAN..
The concept of the anagram is a bigger part of the puzzle. There’s so much that is going on in language today that it’s staggering as to the speed of the change and how we communicate. So often now much of our language is in text found scrolled across video screens as opposed to sparking in the air like a robust tapestry of language filled with color character and an abundance of volume and charisma. This is sometimes where true learning and understanding in higher knowledge is obtained.. The concept of an iconographic symbol and or emoticon is now for more prevalent in our communication skills today. What is fascinating about this is there seems to be a reverting back to ancient concepts in writing. There is an interesting parallel and similarity to hieroglyphics carthorses and symbolism that means far more than just a symbol itself.
The albums front cover is a rooster. Created by Canadian artist Dave Bagley, It is the symbolic feature of the record and is filled with a multitude of symbols that illustrate more about what’s going on inside of the album then just the symbol itself. I’m all about layers. Things that go deeper than the superficial surface material. It is in fact how we are as people.

I come from the great White North EH!!! And this year is our 150th. Damn proud to be one too. I live in a small Northern community about two hours north of Toronto. It’s quiet and still a big part of the farming equation that goes on in this province. I like it that way. The music scene happens more in the greater metropolitan area and flourishes as a result of the great artistry and artisans that are continually honing their crafts and abilities.

Music business…
Hmmmmmm I could say something like It’s a lot like being the character Louis Dega played by Dustin Hoffman in the movie Papillion. You’ve just just escaped imprisonment, conned a boat out of a group of men at a leper colony and spent the night sailing the open waters in the clandestine evening under cover of a starry night with a broken leg that is turning gangrene only to land on the beaches of the Honduras and pronounce “goddamnit we made it” and be arrested again. It’s my life.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
I love storytellers and people that are good at conjuring character in voice, body movement and a whole host of things that the mortal coil can produce. Something more like a human musical movie theater. With that said Tom Waits would have to be on the top of that list. He’s one of those human beings that not only has a way with words but projecting them. Allowing the music to overtake him more like a receiver from a higher message. Thank you so much for having me today and it’s been an absolute pleasure being able to speak with you.. Everything UP..!

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