{Behind The Music} Gervay Brio on Legend Can Never End

Success of course is an achievement in an artistic career, but mainly it helps to communicate easier and better with the public.

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Band Name: Gervay Brio

Song name: Legend Can Never End (Radio Edit)
Music Genre:: Electro House Vocal

Gervay Brio presents « Legend Can Never End » EP 4 mixes versions of his song who is an anthem from « TalysMan – The GuiDancer © » Sound Fiction Opera©, next Gervay Brio project, opening to stage and movie. Blending guitars and house beats in a landscape of aerial sounds where the voices come to celebrate the endless legendary vision.#1 NumberOneMusic, ReverbNation, EuroIndie charts 2017.


Link to play:

My music is…
My music is my deepest language to share my vision and love to the world.

I live in…
 Paris, in Montmartre, famous artistic area, where great artists lived (Picasso, Van Gogh, Modigliani…), it’s very inspiring for creation. The music scene in Paris, has much changed these past years, nothing new really happen, only self congratulations of a little gang, great Djs doesn’t come anymore, it’s sad !

What defines Success…
Success of course is an achievement in an artistic carrer, but mainly it help to communicate easier and better with the public.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?:
“Birds Of Fire” of Mahavishnu Orchestra, changed my mind on music and myself, it pushed me to a musical career forever !

Website & social media links:
https:// www.gervaybrio


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