{Behind the Music} Howard Lee Naylor on Ginger Girl

{Behind the Music} Howard Lee Naylor on Ginger Girl

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Band Name: Howard Lee Naylor – Ginger Girl

Music Genre/ category : Rock

I wrote Ginger Girl…
about my wife (girlfriend at the time) when I first met her she had blonde hair you know with the tiger strips. Then she showed me a picture when she was a little girl and guess what yup red hair? Now I’ve always been attracted to brunettes and girls with blonds hair so I put it all that into the song. So just goes to show you when you find the one it doesn’t always go as planned. That’s why I write about love and it never gets old, so many angles.

Ginger girl was produced right here in Vancouver…
in a smaller studio with new technology you can produce a great sound without having a big budget. It all starts with finding the right people like producer and players that know what your looking for in your songs and they can take it to another level.  https://howardleenaylor.hearnow.com/


New album…
My Cd is called “Possibilities” and it means just that, put your heart and soul in it and anything is possible. My songs are about love, life, some have a dash of rock and are up-beat as well as heartfelt songs with hooks and harmonies to sooth your soul. Some people say it’s has a classic rock sound from the 60’ – 70’s. I’ve always felt a good song should have a great melody with hooks and harmonies. That’s my style. I believed I accomplished that with my CD.


I live in the Vancouver area of Canada. And we have a lot of thriving music artist and a big indie scene here as well country music. The further you get away from Vancouver country music is predominant.

Music business…
 Well I’ve been on the outside looking in on the music business in all my life, it’s taken a lifetime to be where I am today with my first CD. As a person born with visible disabilities it was hard not to be more than insecure about performing and selling myself and my songs but I think now the music business is now open to anyone as long as the songs are good and your ready. It’s never been easier now to record music but I thinks it’s harder to sell your music as there are so many great artist putting out great sounds. You have to be you own entrepreneur and work hard on every aspect of the music business.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
That’s easy question Paul McCartney He’s a Beatle! and probably the greatest songwriter of all time and singer. I’m lucky that I have his range because I’ve been singing his songs since I was a kid. I wouldn’t know where to begin if I had a chance to talk to him but I’d love to do a duet with him.

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