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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW J’MAR
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

My song High which was written by me, beat made by Artur empayah and music produce by Uriel Soto Jr.

It’s about having a good time, party good vibes & most of getting High lol! It’s just about enjoying life and living it up with a little 70’s feel to it! There’s no story to it I just heard the beat and went to work on it. I just love how it had that 70’s Jimi Hendrix and more feel to it. It’s just a feel good, get high to song for anyone trying to have a good time and make good memories.

You can expect everything from my music, from hardcore street, the truth, uplifting, party time, just everything the whole world would want, when it comes to my music there’s something for everyone! I’m a artist not just a rapper I just want to share my pain and what I’ve been through and make good music that others can relate to. Well as be inspired from and help them through rough times and more. I just want to make a difference and bring the truth to the world even if it gets me killed. From the crooked government, violence, wars, struggles and more going on, I just want the world to know that J-MAR understands what y’all going through the pain and not having a job being locked up going to court facing a lot time being shot at or robbed and more because I remember going through that myself. I’m a legend, the voice of the people. That’s what makes my music great and special there’s something for everyone!


I live in southern California O.C and L.A the music scene is crazy it’s where Death Row 2Pac, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eazy E and many more legends & big names came west coast! The places to go well there’s always Hollywood, plenty of different clubs to party, beaches, the strip clubs crazy girls, A.O.D Ace Of Diamonds they always poppin! So many fun things to do in cali it has everything here!

To be honest if you haven’t been to Cali you got to come and find out for yourself. Cali is my home so I love it no matter what LOL! The weather, the women, the weed just everything about cali I love! Cali!

Music Business…
I’m still learning about the business I’m still new to it so I can’t really say much but I will say this it’s not as easy as people think it is it’s rough, a lot of work, dedication, sacrificing, hustle, grind, non-sleep and pray that everything works out.

The pros I experience so far is being recognized for my music, I just did music for this short film by Amanda Knox called Night Call which is going through film festivals right now than hopefully on TV next. The best pro is the fans because without them were nothing and now I’m ready to take it to the next level and be able to live off of it and continue doing that in ‘till I die but I feel my music will still be going to higher levels even when I do. I feel like my music will live on and be cherish forever!

The cons jealousy is very strong well as the competition everyone wants to be number one. You have to watch out so many crooked people trying to use you & more! So many people promising you this & that & never come through. I just got out of a crooked deal with a independent label called MDR Mack, Drama, Records By OG Mack Drama! Mafia gang or mafia gang nation. He was cool which I thought at first but he was crooked saying he had this and that but he really didn’t have anything!

Everything on that contract was a lie! Than he tried to threaten me, and more like he was going to kill me. The best advice I can give everyone is watch out, even if you read the contract make sure they prove that they have everything and do everything they say they do. So the cons you just have to be careful and watch out for fake, crooked and evil people in the industry there’s a lot of them out there in the world!

Inspired by…
I would have to say 2pac and why? Because to me He was the best artist ever He was the voice of the people and the young generation. Musically and more. He inspired me in so many ways not just inspire me to do music but to stand for what I believe in and also to not forget where I came from well as to always give back and help out and fight for what is right. Which is justice and telling the world the truth about what’s really going on which we don’t see with our government and more. I love other artist as well but He is the one that inspired me the most. A true musically genius, which I wish I had a chance to work with, may He R.I.P!

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