{Behind The Music} Jake Aldridge Asks Where Do We Go?

{Behind The Music} Jake Aldridge Asks Where Do We Go?

Jake Aldridge indie music

“Getting to that place where you’re doing something with your life that you actually ENJOY.” @jakealdridgeuk

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW JAKE ALDRIDGE
by Jacqueline Jax

I started writing lyrics when…
I was about 17 years old. To begin with, I was kind of just keeping a diary and none of the words within it even contained rhymes. The process of me actually beginning to rhyme for the first time began randomly when venting my frustrations about a certain college tutor. As you can imagine, I’m not sure I can repeat THOSE lyrics for you now. 😉 From that day on, my diary transformed itself into a book of rhymes. When rhyming, I felt like I was being creative and I found it a fun way to express myself.

My track ‘Where Do We Go’….
features Lisa Ambrose  who once opened up a show for Mark Ronson after winning a Battle Of The Bands contest in 2006. The track was produced by ACJ beats who is an amazingly talented producer from Holland. The song is available for listeners as a free download from my SoundCloud page.
**Free download of his single ‘Where Do We Go’ : https://soundcloud.com/jakealdridge

‘Where Do We Go’ is a song about two people who are seriously struggling with their relationship with one another and are questioning whether they should carry on together or go their separate ways. This is a subject that I have been through in the past and I think that nearly all of us go through at some point in our lives. Where we are fighting to try and make a relationship work when no matter how hard we try, deep down we know some things just aren’t meant to be.

Making an Album vs Releasing Single..
This is probably a controversial answer, but as an unsigned artist who still has a day job, I really don’t think that creating an album is a good use of my time. Instead, I am working so hard to release singles, just one at a time. I am literally putting everything into each track that I release. Sure, there’s about 2 albums worth of my material online now, but I do it this way because I want to stay visible to my fans. Since I still have a day job, which I have to juggle alongside my music, it’s almost impossible for me to both network AND create an album. It could take months to complete and whilst I’m taking care of that, i’d need to find time to push my current songs, seek publishing/record deals, radio airplay, all whilst trying to grow my fan base and keep in touch with my current one. For me, it’s just not feasible. I don’t want to just knock up an album and have my fans like only 2-3 of the tracks. I want my fans to like nearly ALL of my songs. So I do all of the above whilst putting everything I have into each single that I deliver. I’m more interested in delivering great songs for next to nothing than making money off of a mediocre project. I really am.

Suffolk, UK…
I was born and raised in Suffolk, which is on the East coast of the UK. It’s a beautiful place to live but the music scene isn’t the largest. I would say the best place for music in this area is probably in the city of Norwich. I enjoy performing, but I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a performance as much as when I performed at a wedding for one of my close friends alongside Steve Moyse. Steve is another artist who I have worked closely with and he and I were actually the best men at the wedding. Our friend (the groom) had never seen me perform live before and I surprised him by joining Steve, on stage as if I had something I wanted to say, then the music just dropped and boom….. He loved it. 🙂

My favorite artist is…
and will always be Tupac Shakur. He was a poet, and I guess that’s what I loved about him. He had SO much material and SO much to say. His character as well as his music intrigues me. He seemed to be reckless, kind, aggressive, loud, charming, loving, & compassionate all rolled into one. His music proves that. More than anything, he was someone trying to make a difference in people’s lives. He had a tough ride himself and I LOVE how ‘down to earth’ he seemed to be. In fact, I’ve never heard of a famous person like it. He would go to house parties thrown by normal people and despite being the most famous rapper in the world, he would walk through the mall sometimes without his Body Guards. i could go on about him all day actually.

Trends and the Indie Artist…
I think lots of artist’s and record labels are looking to put music out that’s fitting in with the current stuff in the charts blah blah blah, but being my own boss, I get to do what I like. 🙂 I think many artist’s go out of their way to try and be different. I’m fortunate that for me, it comes naturally. Most UK Hip Hop comes from London but my sound is undoubtedly different. I even find my music hard to market because even I can’t categorize it. Is it Rap? R&B? Pop? perhaps you can tell me?  I think people are too easily offended when referred to as ‘Weird’. For me ‘Weird’ is just another word for ‘Different’ and in my opinion, being ‘Different’ is a VERY good thing. so perhaps we can refer to my music as ‘weird Hip Hop’

I think success depends on your level of happiness. For me, people are way too quick to determine success by the amount of money you make. I think success should be measured by how happy you are whilst making that money. If I’m a dustbin man (I always use this example) and I just LOVE my job, everything about it – getting my hands dirty, pushing and pulling the bins around, driving the huge vehicles, whatever, then to me I’m successful. I’M DOING WHAT I LOVE. I’m happy & for me, that’s what life’s all about. Getting to that place where you’re doing something with your life that you actually ENJOY.

27 year old Jake Aldridge was born and raised in the village of Reydon, situated in Suffolk, UK. When Jake was 11 years old, tragically his father died suddenly and unexpectedly. This life-changing event led Jake down the path of Songwriting. Despite having always struggled to deal with losing his father and role model, Jake eventually found comfort in writing his thoughts down on paper. To begin with, Jake’s notes were in the form of a diary. Until one day, he randomly started to rhyme a few of the words that he was writing and in time, his diary transformed itself into a book of poems.

Since Jake never had much of a singing voice and was inspired by ‘Rap’ Music, his method of performing these rhymes seemed like an easy choice to make. Jake would spend hours writing his feelings down, turning them into rhymes, and then would spend even longer performing them to himself and perfecting them, dreaming of one day becoming as good as the Rappers who he was so inspired by. One night, a teenage Jake had had a little too much to drink and with this he finally found enough Dutch courage to perform some of his raps to a couple of his close friends. Once his friends had got past the initial shock of hearing their mate rap unexpectedly for the first time, they were amazed. Jakes friends were both incredibly supportive and encouraging towards his lyrics. All of a sudden, Jake’s wildest dreams now seemed like somewhat of a possibility in his own mind. http://www.jakealdridge.com/biography

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