{Behind The Music} JayDon Omega on Trippin

{Behind The Music} JayDon Omega on Trippin

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW JAYDON OMEGA
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


Song name: TRIPPPIN
Music Genre : Rap/Hip Hop
The song is about getting at an female whether they be a side chick, club groupie, video vixen or what not . It was actually written in regards to past conversations and encounters with different type ladies and relations and how us men react when we notice its all about the money to most and how people men and woman alike be TRIPPPIN. ITS RAW AND DIRECT!

Link : https://itun.es/us/wxpUjb


What you can expect from my new upcoming single tittled, “Im Gone” and Album entittled “Automatic” is real true heart felt Turnt up, Hip Hop Good vibe music! The Album “Automatic” is just as it states, In everything in life and in anything you do and sure of whether its finances you know you need to pay, an relationship you know you need to respect, an business that you know you need to conduct or any variety of situations that need to be handled, must be done with all Confidence rapidly and “Automatically” for sustained success! The Album “Automatic” will cover it all in detail, and thats a 1♎up

I currently live in Las Vegas Nevada..
and the music scene is everywhere here from, Trap Music, Hardcore rap, R&B, etc. We got our various Venues popping all around Vegas from the north to the southside and from the East to the Westside. Its Vegas so whatever you can vibe to thats Turnt up and makes the body move is relevant!

The music industry is …
at its wildest I believe. It has its ups and downs as an industry and being an real Artist thats involved in it, I find myself entertain by the various music that continues to evolve and the Artist that continue to make it happen with there display of Quality music! As an Artist i found out that you have to believe in your craft and hoan it and make your on way in this industry and stay focused on the prize! No one is going to give you the game or explain it, at least not the way you would want it anyway, lol. You have to take the lead, know what you want, go to it and grab whats rightfully yours to claim. Nevermind a “Hater”, there everywhere and thats there job is to hate, so you “1up” on them, meening, level up, stay ahead of the game and proove your number 1 at your craft and swagger to keep entertaining the masses and bringing your fans and followers the best of you, your capabilities and good turntup body moving head bobbing break ya kneck type music.


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
I would love to have 5 minutes alone with Top Dawg, Kendric Lamar, and The rest of TDE family. When i was younger around 12yo my brother RonDon Tde brought me to Top Dawg house way before TDE and K Dot were founded. Top Dawg put an slappin ass beat on for me and told me to go in the booth and show him what i got and display my skills. Long story short, I wasnt ready yet, lol. But from that day I was inspired to do better and be an better Artist! So I wouldnt mine an few minutes with “Top” to change his mind now, and 5 minutes with Kendrick Lamar to pick his brain .


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