My success is simply defined because of the hard work I put in for myself and everyone around me.


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Song name: Come Back Baby
Music Genre:: Pop
To me this song definitely resonates with many life situations. I say many because it’s not just my own selfish thoughts and experiences but it’s everything I felt all around me at once. From my family to my closest friends. I am an observer. Not only do I see their everyday struggles but I also FEEL when my family and friends hurt. During the time of the collaborating process and making of this single I got to know a couple of music producers that helped me with delivering my personal journey. I am happy I was able to express my rawness and vulnerability when it came to recording this song. My best friend was also far away when this recording process began which is also why I felt like I was on my own mentally and emotionally even though I had my closest family with me all the time. I am forever grateful for my family and for always being there to support me in my music and my acting career.

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My music is…
My music has a versatile range and is not limited to one genre. I sing in English and Spanish. My music is evocative, relatable, and inspirational.

I live in…  Oak Hills, California.

The music and acting scene is…
not too lively around here. My parents and I reside here. All my siblings are living their lives with their families now. I am trying to pursue my career in many places outside of the high desert. From Los Angeles, Nashville, Austin, Chicago, New York and Miami. I continue to work with my Agent, manager, producers and directors to keep making progress within the industry.

What defines “Success” to you?
My success is simply defined because of the hard work I put in for myself and everyone around me. One day, I know my family and friends will appreciate my work ethic and be happy for me and for everything I’ve sacrificed. As long as I keep pursuing in my career and continue to be committed, passionate and most importantly honest, I know my happiness will start to become a reality. I know many things will fall into place. It’s hard to pursue a music and acting career at the same time but it seems to be even harder to keep a family together and be happy. I can’t wait to finally be able to show and express how great it is to be in the moment as a music artist and as an actor without any worries. To me, that will feel successful.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
I listened to many songs growing up; whether it was in English or Spanish. If music makes me feel the passion and energy behind them then I am intrigued right away. That is how I personally can connect and appreciate music.


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