{Behind The Music} Leslie Pereira and The Lazy Heroes on Fly Like a Bird

{Behind The Music} Leslie Pereira and The Lazy Heroes on Fly Like a Bird

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Band Name: Leslie Pereira & The Lazy Heroes
Leslie Pereira – Guitar Vocals
Jeff Page – Drums
Rob Lontok – Bass Guitar
Paula Vazquez – BG vocals


Song name: Fly Like a Bird
Music Genre : Pop/Punky/Pub Rock
This car describes what it’s like when your driving in your car going through a small town and you get a speeding ticket when you just wanted to drive your car.


Link :: https://lesliepereiraandthelazyheroes.bandcamp.com/releases

This album is a collection of songs…
I wrote with my Band Alien Sex Queen. Very fun, pop, fast, punky style, accept the title song “Fight for Now”. My vocals have a very slow vibrator so it adds to a great pop feel. I like the guitar sound to have reverb and a little chorus for a surf sound recording with Earle Mankey was very important because of his expertise with women’s vocals.

Los Angeles, California…
pretty much the hub of the music world – at least for us.

Music business…
Been in it for 20 years – played with the best – will continue to play until I’m dead.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Rick Ruben – love his producing style and ideas for the songs.


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