{Behind The Music} Lloyd M Clarke on Threading the Eye Of the Needle

{Behind The Music} Lloyd M Clarke on Threading the Eye Of the Needle

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW Lloyd M Clarke
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio
Australian Bush Ballad/Folk/Country
Threading the Eye Of the Needle…
The song is a historic account of a famous Shipwreck that happened off the coast of Victoria, Australia in the late 1800’s. The Loch Ard. Only 2 people survived the wreck, both being washed into a gorge during very heavy sea’s Presently, I have writing songs about stand out moments in Australian History although most of my music to date would be coined “Easy Listening”.

I have an exceptional producer who is a great listener and interprets my concepts into great songs that have theme and individual character.

The EP is…
a 5 song album with 2 bonus tracks. The songs are not inter connected and range in styles but would suit an Easy Listening/Country/Folk audience. The EP is my first toe in the water into the music industry as I have only started song writing just 3 years back. I have had friends and family over the years many times ask when are you going to record something, why don’t you go on one of those talent shows.

I live in the Sth East of Melbourne, Australia…
The music scene is quite eclectic. It’s hard to book gigs now as owners still use pre-recorded music. There is some movement in the smaller Pubs/Bars, Wine bars, Winery’s, Markets. House Concerts are becoming popular again.

Music Industry…
I have found the folk in the Country music industry here very supportive. It’s small enough to feel like family. Access to network with big names can happen and they give freely of their experience and pass on advice. A con would be the amount of paid gig’s performers can find and book. Paid gig’s in Australia for indie artists are hard to find. Some event organisers even want you to play for nothing.

I would love to have five minutes alone with…
Paul Kelly (Australian Singer/Songwriter) Paul is what considered Australia’s consummate balladeer. He has written songs in Rock, Pop, Country, and Folk. I think all the main genres. I love his performances and would learn how to be comfortable in your own skin, staying truly believable.

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Album can be purchased through – iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby search for Lloyd M Clarke.

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