{Behind The Music} Lord Kass on Land Of the Free

{Behind The Music} Lord Kass on Land Of the Free

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW LORD KASS

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

The MP3 that is included is titled Land of the Free. It is Scheduled to be released on Itunes, Spotify , Tidal and all digital platforms 4/28.


Land Of the Free
This song is really about how free do we think we are in the land of the free. How we are sold a dream that for some won’t make it to reality. I wrote this song 3 years ago and I was waiting for the right time to release it. And now is the perfect time with how divided the country is and also the world it seems with politics, race and religion. We need to stand as one and not let differences separate us.



This Album which is titled H.O.R.U.S.
Will play just like a movie in your head. It will let the story of an Individual who is fighting between good and evil. The album will 14 tracks with no fillers. Every single track on the album will play a role in the story, so if you miss a track you might miss the point.

I live in Tampa FL, I grew up in Southern California….
The music scene down here is good. There is a lot of talent here. But the music scene is slower then bigger cities such as NYC or LA. So you have to work twice as hard.  YBOR in Tampa is a party area, that is filled with music and there is a lot of places along the beaches as well.

This business is cut throat…
Very! There is almost no room for slacking or laziness. Because there is always someone who is trying to make it and not just you. So sometimes you, yourself is your greatest competition. The life will teach you how to be mentally stronger.


My Inspiration…
I lost a 3 year son a few years back in a car accident. I would love to bring him back for 5 mins just to see his smile. He is the reason I do what I do today.





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