{Behind The Music} LouCii on Alive

{Behind The Music} LouCii on Alive

Music is my life so staying focused on creating isn’t difficult. When you have passion for what you are doing, it isn’t even a consideration.


Live interview
Episode #558: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :


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LouCii LouCii

Song name: Alive

Genre: EDM
First track from the upcoming album 3 Decades 1 Legend.  LouCii is a legend EDM producer who was one of the first to bring the EDM sound to the USA. This release is part of the Big Room Progressive House sound that LouCii is known to produce. Music creation starts in my home studio in Miramar, FL and then probably other studios around the country as needed. My most used studio is Omega recording studio in MD.

I’m making music now in Miami. I remember the days from hard disk recording to todays technology and it’s amazing to see the differences. Technology has changed everything because people don’t have to be guitarist or pianist to be a musician or songwriter. We have learned that it’s all about being innovative and savvy with technology. There are many ways to create music.


Dealing with rejection..
People only talk about what you have last released and done so you must always be trying to do better. You must invest in yourself and believe in yourself first because no one is going to take you to the promise land, you have to make that happen for yourself.

Never look for or contact anyone, build it and they will come.

One big lesson I’ve learned..
I’ve learned to build a network of people I can depend on to develop my music. It’s important to be able to reinvent your sound continually. You must always be challenging yourself to expand. Since the 80’s until now I keep challenging myself.

The most important thing is not to listen to anyone but your intuition. Don’t let others dictate how you do things. If you play one song to 10 different people, they will each give you a different perspective so it shows you that you can’t guide yourself based on the opinions of others.


Social Media…
I have alot of followers but even though my fan base keeps track of my pages, I don’t depend on social media to build my work. It’s too time consuming. Instead I utilize A.V.A Live Radio networks to help me deliver the music out to their audience, It’s a much better use of my limited time. In the end people do continue to come back to my social media pages to see what else I have so it’s important to keep them current.


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