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Song name: He Only Loves Me on the Dance Floor
Music Genre: country
I wrote this song about five years ago. The inspiration came from hanging out at the local south Texas dancehalls- which is one of my favorite things to do! I love to see all the people dancing and hearing a live, good ole Country band. The whole atmosphere gives me this feeling like I’m at home. With “He Only Loves me on the Dancefloor” I try to paint a picture of being out on a Friday night at a dance hall, and there’s a love story going on of course. I believe everyone can relate to it on some level- the story of being caught up in a love that may or may not be true so you either think or know that he/she “only loves you on the dance floor.” I wanted it to have that George Strait/90’s beat, something super easy to dance to and listen to. I feel like I have accomplished something good with my song and not to mention it being number one on the New Music Weekly Chart thanks to my awesome team at MTS Management.


New EP…
The first EP that I released back in 2014 is a sneak peek at what my style is. I go from a country ballad to an upbeat shuffle- yet all will still get you dancing. That’s my whole goal when it comes to my music, I want to get everyone on the dance floor. I have a new single coming out this summer. The studio musicians, as well as a couple of my bandmates, made it sound exactly how I wanted it. Lots of steel and a good driven beat. The song is about a simple love, something that doesn’t need much work and comes natural. I kind of want it to depict a newlywed story as well. I want people to relate to my songs to their own scenarios, but I to always have a specific story that started to creation of my song. For example my song “Wild Ride” may just sound like a song about partying to someone but for me it’s when me and my family went out with my Uncle Joe to his deer lease. We had a blast talking, laughing, all while off-roading out there which was a fun “Wild Ride”.

I currently live in San Antonio, TX..
but grew up in San Benito, TX. I drive about 4 hours back and forth for shows and to visit family. The music scene back home is small but a tight one, everyone has each other’s back and I thank the many talented musicians from back home that are always willing to play for me. Now that I am in San Antonio there are sooo many places to see and am still new to the scene up here. I really enjoy going to 151 Saloon, they’ve always got great live bands, and beer specials! Haha.

Music business…
 I have been working the music business since I was about 18 years old. I figured that it started with forming your own band and I was right. Then booking gigs all on my own as well and also my own promotions- which I believe is the hardest part for me. I find it a little difficult promoting myself because I just don’t feel comfortable talking myself up, I like for someone to hear me then determine their opinion. For now til I get more representation that is what I have to do and will continue to do so til I make it to the top!

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Johnny Cash. His love for music, songwriting, family, faith, and life in general is what draws me to him. I have been reading up on him for the longest time and every story inspires me.

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