{Behind The Music} Madison Mueller on Who Am I

{Behind The Music} Madison Mueller on Who Am I

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Who Am I…
This song is about the big question that we go through several times throughout our lives: Who am I? Though I am young, I have had to make decisions and I have had to do a lot of soul searching – whether that be about who I am as a person; what I plan to do with my life; and/or how I’m going to handle those difficult situations. The song came to life when I was being pressured to choose courses for my next year of high school. Teacher were constantly talking about choosing courses that go towards whatever career you were choosing, and I still don’t know exactly what my plan is besides music. That was stressing me out, and it out popped a few lyrics and before I knew it a whole song had been created. As for how it was recorded, I was offered the chance to record with a local producer named Jeff Wardell who heard my song and decided to put it to the test as a recorded song (which he did a fantastic job on if I do say so myself.

My music is my way of escape…
It’s a place where I can write out all my thoughts feelings, and then put the words to what seems to help me the most – music. When listening to the music I write, I think that you can expect a feeling of relatability and a general sense of accomplishment, seeing as many of my songs start out sad and tend to end on a happier, more uplifting note. I want to not only help myself through the music I make, but I would like to inspire and help other people who may be experiencing the same feelings. When writing, I want to convey the truth, and I always want to be genuine with what I come up with. I want what I’m creating to continue to be an outlet for me and those who listen to it. That encourages me to keep creating and loving what I do.

Seeing as I’m only 16, going out to play music in the bars of my city – Barrie, ON – is not so easy. Give me a few years with that side of things haha! However from my experience and through the other musicians that I know, there is plenty of talent and lots of passion for music here. I teach at a music studio here in Barrie and the other teachers and people I have crossed paths with are nothing short of amazing. I play at local Open Mics and in the greater Toronto area, and wherever they will take me hah! I’m looking to perform at some of the downtown festivities here this summer for Canada Day and other events They’re always great events to go to if you are looking to see some of the amazing local talent – maybe even yours truly – and even just enjoy a good afternoon or evening out.

Where you can buy my song “Who Am I”: itunes.apple.com/ca/album/who-am-i/id1177214783?i=1177215006


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