{Behind The Music} MagicalDali on Think Apply

{Behind The Music} MagicalDali on Think Apply

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW MAGICALDALI
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Band Name: Frank Andrew I aka MagicalDali
Frank A Iannuzzi all instruments

Song name: Think Apply

Music Genre/ category : funk/house/pop
The song is about fun, travel, living life to the fullest, enjoying the beauty of our world, & experiencing this with a girl you connect with. It is also about being there for a friend, or lover. And it starts as a fantasy of the main character of the song. The intro has a phone message from a woman who is telling him to get out of the basement, get out of your head or at least get out of the fantasy and make it a reality. The idea of this song came about from romantic adventures and also of the fact that I love all styles of music and trying new things out. I wanted to do a song that had both a male voice and female voice where I was singing both parts and also a house groove and funk with rave type sounds.

Link : https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/frankandrewi

I am always writing, arranging, composing, producing & have a lot of music in the vaults. I also have other projects of mine with “The Jazz And Funk Innovations Group” is one with full band. I may go back to some of those recordings and remix tunes. I think the college crowd, music students as well as lovers of world music and more intricate stuff will enjoy this. I think a lot of stuff I do is significant in that it is always mixing styles sounds and is like a story that never ends and also the lyrics are fun… at times they could address social issues or personal dilemmas or crisis and how the protagonist of the song deals with them.

I am from Toronto…
but right now living in Edmonton. The scene here is growing, and very artsy. Currently I am in the studio going through many songs and not playing live to much. I do some piano and guitar gigs at farmers markets and perform at folk type places but its just me. All my band maters are scattered around the globe right now doing other shows.

Music business…
The music biz is game that all musicians should get a handle on. Pros is that its a vehicle for musicians to earning a living and share there art, or be a side man through connections. In Toronto as studio musician through connections I got a lot of work. One example Jeremy Taggart the ex drummer of Our Lady Peace was a friend of mine and he recommended me to an act being signed by A&M/Universal the “Miller Stain limit” Did LP’s with them & toured.
Learned a lot from the experience of being on the road opening for acts such as Alanis Morissette, Wide Mouth Mason. The cons, well everybody knows or has been through experiences with agents or managers ripping them off or been lied to, promises and what not.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Really never thought about it… Only 5 minutes hmm? That’s not much time, but I think (at his period in my music career) maybe George Martin, the Beatles produce. He has a classical back ground but was the producer for the Beatles, one of the biggest selling rock bands of all time as you know. And he contributed to there sound with many different instrumental arrangements and styles. Strings, saxophones, list is almost endless.

Website and social media links: : http://www.greatnationsunitedmusic.com/index/


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