{Behind The Music} Maura Whitman on Survivors

{Behind The Music} Maura Whitman on Survivors

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“Survivors is about being dedicated and focused when doing something you love, without letting anyone come in the way of your passion.” – @maura_whitman

Episode #285 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW MAURA WHITMAN
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I grew up in a household where music was always playing…
especially a lot of Jazz music. At the age of 4 years I performed with my Dad and older brother at church, singing the song about the animals in the stable. At that time I could not read then so my mom did up the song with pictures of animals as cues to what I would know what to sing about next in the verse. I grew up singing on special occasions at church with my Dad and brother accompanying me on the guitars. In my early elementary school years I always performed at the annual talent shows as well as local community venues, musical festivals and coffee houses.

is about being dedicated and focused when doing something you love, without letting anyone come in the way of your passion. During the process I realized that it also fit into other areas of my life, such as school. Not letting anyone bring you down for things you want to excel and inspire to do. https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/survivors/id1017225369?i=1017225376

My music is solely driven by my love of music
and wanting to share it with others. It interesting to me to hear from fans how they view the song, but most seem to get the positive message of empowerment and overcoming disappointments in your life and rising above them. That was definitely a goal for me. I want to move my listeners. At this time my song is trending well on Itunes and I have just recently released a video that is connecting well with my listeners. I am really proud of my video for Survivors, I think it really reflects what my message is for the song.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada…
As I am only 14 years old I am told that the live music in Halifax Bars is fantastic. I have had a great outpouring of support from older musicians in my community. I am a very athletic person so I love to ride my bike and play basketball. The first place I head to when I get home from school is to my music room. Its my happy place, rejuvenating me.
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So far the music business for me has been wonderful…
I have had wonderful support from my publisher Ed Oakley and those who are connected with him. I am just now gaining support from Music NS who seem very keen on helping me on this journey. The new school I am at this year is big in the arts and music. It’s cool to be in a band! I have had great support from this program as well as feeding off the wonderful energy of the other talented musicians.

As a 14 year old GIRL on social media…
it’s just part of my life. So far I have not had to endure any negative events. My mom is a real support in all of this and helps me with my media links and keeping up on all of that. My social media sites have definitely boosted my connection to my music as well as keeping up on what I am doing musically.

Singles vs albums…
Singles seem to work best for me at this point in my life. I am still in school, Grade 9 and have just this year moved to an Independent School which has a high standard of academic achievement and a heavy workload. As well, I am a Cyclist under a National Training Program and the U17 Provincial Champion, so to balance everything out singles work best for me.

I would like 5 minutes alone with …
Adele she is so professional but she stands up for what she believes and I like that she is very private about her life. I admire that she sings and writes for herself. I would love to hear about what her process is when she is writing her music because her songs seem so deeply personal.

I feel that my parents have helped me be a strong person…
and encourage me to pave my way for myself. I aspire to be me and try not to be someone I am not. Both my parents and my Publishers allow and encourage me to express myself freely in my lyrics.

I am most afraid of…
disappointing people that support me.

Achieving the goals…
you have set for yourself by working hard and being dedicated to get there. Releasing the video for Survivors is something I am really proud of. It definitely showcased so many of my commitments in the video. I feel it truly represents who I am as a person and what I stand for. It was a real growing experience for me, spending 16 hours over a two day period doing take after take. As well this particular video encompassed another passion of my mine, cycling which was also very physically demanding.

Always be passionate about what I do…
and continue to move forward by setting goals for myself.

Three ways I challenge myself…
1) Trying something new that it is out of my comfort zone outside of the box

2) Being more valuable and allowing myself to make mistakes and growing from that

3) Trusting my instincts on the direction I want to go


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