{Behind The Music} Michael Tiffany on Imaginary Cage

{Behind The Music} Michael Tiffany on Imaginary Cage

Michael Tiffany indiemusic

“I think trying to be trendy…
can cause some issue’s. What I try to do is to try to stay true to the style of music I write and like but on the same hand I do try to stay current more so in the style instead of the trend” – @Mat52


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by Jacqueline Jax

I started in…
elementary school I had a friend who was in a band and an excellent guitar player. He started giving me lesson’s and I just really took to it and have been playing ever since.

Imaginary Cage…
I feel has the most interesting story behind it. In 2014 I was on stage with my band and 2 minutes into the first song my heart completely stopped. Luckily there was a fan there who was an ER nurse and she saved my life by doing CPR for 11 minutes. The song explains how in California when you have Cardiac Arrest you can’t drive a car for 6 months. Imaginary Cage is about being stuck at home not being able to drive or go anywhere.

Out of The Dark…
is the title of my new album. The title represents the process of healing from the above event. The album’s tracks are put in such an order as to tell a story. All the song’s were written with a lot of thought not just recorded to simply to make and album. Out of The Dark to me represents a huge life changing event although please understand I do not dwell on the illness at all. When I recorded this album it was my main goal to get my music out and heard by as many people as possible. The response has been much much more than I ever thought. With the support of many many station’s both local and in 3 countries including A.V.A. Live Radio, I feel I have accomplished exactly what I set out to do. I am recording new material for a second album so to me the sky is the limit. I continue to promote Out of The Dark and I truly thank all of my fans and the station’s that play my album.

Sacramento California…
there is a lot of venues here to play and many many talented artist’s here. Which include Tesla , Y & T , Papa Roach and Cake which have called Sacramento home at one time or another. In my spare time like a lot of musician’s these days I love to be on the golf course . My wife and I like to travel and other than that relax on a warm day by the pool.Michael Tiffany  indie artist

I have 2 favorite artist’s…
Eddie Van Halen and Joe Satriani both of them are huge influence in my music style. Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to meet either one but would love to. I have seen Van Halen play many times live but that is as close as it got.

I think trying to be trendy…
can cause some issue’s. What I try to do is to try to stay true to the style of music I write and like but on the same hand I do try to stay current more so in the style instead of the trend and try to not be repetitive so far so good.

My definition of success is….
having my music accepted by music fans that enjoy listening to all types of music. Also to continue to be proud of the music I write. In closing I would like to also thank Jeff Lanzaro for all of the vocal work he did on this album and thank you to you Jacqueline Jax and all the people involved with all the promotion of my music.

ALBUM COVER 1 Michael TiffanyMichael Tiffany is a lead guitarist/ composer/producer and a member of BMI and Sound Exchange Spanning a 30 years in music he has found his way to this point of being an accomplished guitarist and composer. He has been named Artist of The Month in the U.S. , UK and Canada at the same time. His love for music has kept the fire burning and given him the drive to accomplished many of his dreams as a musician. You can also visit his Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/michaeltiffany58 , http://mat5211.wix.com/michaeltiffany https://soundcloud.com/michaeltiffany-guitarist-1 and his main page @ www.reverbnation.com/michaeltiffany1 . After being in bands for many years he has just released his first solo album Out of The Dark in 2015. With Jeff Lanzaro on vocals His music can be heard not only on U.S. radio but also in the UK and Canada with a loyal following of over 11,300 his musical rise is truly gaining momentum. Michael also has a video out for the song Wind At My Back on You Tube @ http://youtu.be/EwCa3btKWcc. Michael can be contacted at mat52@sbcglobal.net and is also available @ http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/michaeltiffany1

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