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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW MIKE CONTONI
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


Misunderstood Blues…
After the success with my first Blues song ‘Bottom of The Bottle Blues’ and the fun I had doing it, I’ve decided to add blues to the genres that I play. I write and sing all my own stuff in Country, Southern rock, easy listening, Americana and hopefully now the blues. That being said it is not traditional blues, but a mix of blues and all my genres. This song is about the girl leaving, probably because the guy is a musician and on the road too much,(been there done that) but he doesn’t know who really misunderstood the situation and the feelings.

Thinking about a video, but nothing planned yet. Although I think it would be a cool video.

I just released and album ‘Here Comes the Weekend’ five months ago…
It’s doing well and the title song reached #12 on the main internet country chart, and was listed as up and coming on the main country chart. But this new blues song will be on my next album (#3) that should be out by the end of the year. I have already recorded three new songs and I am always writing 🙂

Growing as an artist..
I think the biggest thing for me is the enjoyment of writing and then hearing that final product. But because I have really only been into the music full time for a little over one year (after retiring from Navy work) the the coolest thing is I am learning something new with every song that I write and record and I think I am getting better and better.

Behind the curtain…
I’m in a unique situation where I am no longer playing with a band (currently) so the musicians that play on my albums are studio musicians but they are awesome! For example I always use the lead guitar player Kerry Marx who plays for the Olivia Newton John band. I met him and Olivia in Vegas. I am playing a lot more now and am thinking about getting a band together in Thailand. Anyway I am learning a lot with the music industry as well, some things good and some not so good. Social media….well as you know I have talked to you about this and I know it’s so important, but it is also difficult when you have a busy schedule and also don’t know much about it. But thanks to you I am slowly learning. LoL

Best advise for musicians..
– It aint easy but if you love it, give your best
– It ain’t cheap, all aspects of getting set up and established in the music business cost money
– Social media is very important in getting your name out there in this industry

I live in Thailand…
where it averages 80 degrees all year around. I love it! I have only been living here for a year, but I am amazed at how many local and foreign musicians play and live here. Meeting lots of people and making new friends, in my book thats what life is all about.

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