{Behind The Music} Nicole Abeth on Fear

{Behind The Music} Nicole Abeth on Fear

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW Nicole Abeth
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

This song is about many problems that our world is facing Terrorism, mass shooting, discrimination, and more. I watched a video called “Me and Mass Shooting” by Buzzfeed where a man named Eugene speaks about all the cases of mass shootings he has witnessed growing up. This made me think about all of the tragedies and mass shootings that have happened since I was born and how everyone needs to strive to make this world a better place. I am hoping this song touches and motivates everyone to help make this world more loving.

The music…
I went to Dallas to record at Audio Studio Dallas, with Paul
Osborn. Paul Osborn has worked with people like Alessia Cara,
Korn, and Maranda Lambert. All the instruments that you hear in
the song where all played by people from his studio musicians.
The base and some guitar was played by a friend I made back
when I was in middle school during X-Factor auditions. It was
really awesome to be in an actual recording studio, and seeing all
the equipment. Much different from when I recorded my EP,
where I just recorded it in a small room in Denton. The cool thing
about the studio I recorded Fear and my other newest song One
Night Stand was that it was all recorded in analog. These old
tubular wiring and it sounded so awesome. Both songs where
mixed at Audio Studio Dallas with Paul, and then we sent it off to
get mastered in California with Pete Lyman at Infransonic Studios.
Pete Lyman has mastered several popular people like Panic at
the disco, Banks, and my personal favorite Halsey.

I just released my newest song “One Night Stand.” This song is
about a girl who falls for a guy she shouldn’t have. Someone who
is Toxic and doesn’t truly care about her. There time together
wasn’t suppose to mean anything, but she fell anyways. He
pushes her away when she becomes to clingy or to much to
handle; and has to do things his way. Her love she creates to
deep and it blinds her from the reality of her situation. So she
goes by his terms just to get a moment with a man who will never
love her back. My newer music is dealing with real life issues that
teenagers and young adults face in their daily lives. I want my
newer songs to be real, and something anyone can have or will
experience; and to show everyone you aren’t alone, someone has
been there before too. I can’t say I write always from personal
experience with my music, because my life is boring typically
(consisting of school, games, music, and sleep) but I write from
friends and families situations which always makes it really fun
and intriguing.

I live in Wichita Falls, Texas. It is not a large city and the music
seen is relatively small. There are a few coffee shops and bars
that allow for live music.

Most local musicians travel to the Dallas area to perform. Though,
some people just stick with the small crowds and the coffee

Music business…
I am just starting out in the music business and so far I have had
nothing but positive feedback and results. On my first EP I
recorded without a live band and had Gary Forsythe at Collision-
Point Publishing build different parts to my music around me and
my guitar. Gary did a great job working with me to get the finished
product. It took a lot of phone calls and Gary was very patient with
me. My last two songs I got to record in studio and got to work
with live musicians like expand above. Paul with Audio Studio
Dallas was very kind and patient. He helped me really learn about
the recording process a lot more and I really enjoyed my time
working in his studio.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Halsey, Ashley Frangipane. H, Ash, Halsey is my absolute
favorite singer. I love how spirited and real she is. She has a
persona about her that radiates and effects anyone and everyone
around her. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and be herself, and
I absolutely love that. She is truly inspiring.



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