{Behind The Music} PrOpPa Musick on 2nites the Night

{Behind The Music} PrOpPa Musick on 2nites the Night


I try to keep Things Proppa style even though sometimes I’m not even sure where I fit in, but I know music and I know my music I enjoy, and I hope others can to. – PROPPA

Live Interview June 29 at 6:40 pm et
Episode #336 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2016/06/29/episode-336-ava-live-radio-behind-the-music-with-jacqueline-jax

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


I got my start in music when…
I linked up with ThAt DuDe Gonzo back in 2007. I remember Always going to his studio and he always had somebody doing something. I had always loved music at that point but never thought to actually try it out. Gonzo gave me a shot and I quickly started to learn how to piece the music together…It helped that Gonzo had plenty of artist around to not only help teach but help inspire at the same time. Music is one of the most powerful tools on the Planet and I wanted to be apart of that somehow.

2nites the Night…
is basically my story. I felt like I could reach a lot of artist with this particular song about the real struggles it takes just to get somebody to ligitly listen to you. I feel like with the right people and the right mindset, any great music can be achieved. I just wanted people to know I’m here and I’m trying to make music. Whether it’s one person who listens or 1,000,000 people, it doesn’t matter. We make music because we want to because music lives inside us. With MRMangement and UhhOhhh productions, I believe there’s nothing we can’t achieve.

I actually started this song with another artist. Although he wasn’t really an artist, he was only a regular guy that I met in Colorado and told me he wanted to try to make music. So I said “here’s this beat Gonzo sent me”, I had already made the hook and he was supposed to take the second verse. This was the first time in my life I kind of realized, I’m good. I might not be great or the best at what I do, but I felt like I was onto something. This guy was terrible and even he knew it. He said “I think you should just finish the song”.

PrOpPa Musick indiemusic

I would hope that if you listen to my music…
you’re the type that likes to hear words clearly and maybe make sence of what I’m talking about. I like to have fun with my music and I think a lot of that will reflect in my new music coming out Mid summers mixtape “For the Ladies” will hopefully have the ladies out on the dance floor. I try to keep Things Proppa style even though sometimes I’m not even sure where I fit in, but I know music and I know my music I enjoy, and I hope others can to.

I live in Copperas Cove, Texas…
It sits next to Ft Hood and the music scene is very diverse. People from all over the country live in the area and you can hear just about any type of music on any night. Austin is only an hour away and is always great with the night life. I spend a lot of time in the studio with Gonzo just making music and chilling is my idea of what I like to do. I have two kids and I love spending time with them. They are pretty active in everything, so they keep me busy.

I really feel like I don’t know the music business…
I’ve just always grabbed a beat and wrote the song then shortly after recorded it without any real thought of business. If MRManagement didn’t scoop me up, I’d probably still be putting music out on only my Facebook.

The Pros are that I get to make music…
There’s not too many Cons about it because I usually just make a song. I listen to it and if I love it, I move on to the next song. It’s pretty cut and dry. I’ve never wanted to be some big superstar, I just wanted people to enjoy my music for what it was. I love everything I’ve ever done and I love the moments along the way. My music was never big enough to actually have any pitfalls.

I’m all about singles…
It gets straight to the point. Do you like this song or not? I don’t have the time anymore to try to put an album together. I work full time, take care of two kids, and have an awesome life. So unless somebody said “hey, I’ll pay you to make your music”, I will probably just drop in the studio when I got time and make a song, then put it out on the net.

Music Business…
I love the fact that you can make your own music and put it out on social media. I remember when we started it wasn’t quite the same, but today it’s so easy to just put your music out and its surprising how many people actually do. From rapping grandpas to kids dropping a track. Kind of shows you just how many people are really out there doing music because they love it and you don’t have to be famous to reach out to people just to get them to hear your music.

I would love 5 minutes alone with…
Michael would definitely be the man I would speak to. I believe that “The King of Pop” could teach me more about music in 5 min than most learn in a lifetime. Nobody lived music more than Mike. He was real and he cared about everything he ever did.

I just put my music out there…
and whoever likes it likes it. I think if I had something trendy that would be awesome, but my music to me doesn’t sound like anything out there right now so to be current. I wouldn’t know. There is so much going on in the world and social media itself that you barely got any time to catch somebody’s attention. It’s probably less than 3 seconds, so as a realist, I understand that there is just so much on somebody’s timeline. If you don’t interest them quick, then you get passed up just as quick. This happens to a lot of artist out there so don’t set your hopes to high. That’s how you stay grounded by just doing music for you. Love it. Be Real. Who has time to listen to your 3 min song unless they are family or friends, and when you played it, there is a chance they didn’t listen then either, but just sat there with an awkward smile and said its good when it’s over. That’s a lot of people’s reality even if there to blind to see it. So live in your moment

I Kind of like that quote…
I just said right above here “Live in your Moment”. It means Do the things you love without regard to another persons opinion. In the end, it really just doesn’t matter.

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