Behind The Music PyraKite on Beauty Queen

Behind The Music PyraKite on Beauty Queen

This is the oldest story in the world. A man falls for a woman and she totally changes his perceived world. This is our first single from the album. As a band I feel this song represents our direction really well.

Live Interview
Episode #587: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

Jacqueline Jax logo photoInterview by Jacqueline Jax
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Band Name: PyraKite
Person Interviewing: Henning Iljero-Winnberg

Henning Iljero-Winnberg – vocals, keys, songwriter, mix, artwork
Robert Säll – guitars
Henrik Ståhlberg – drums
Christopher Anderzon – bass

Song name: Beauty Queen
Music Genre:: Pop, rock, indie pop, indie rock
Do you know what it’s like to fall in love with that special someone?
It’s the oldest story in the world. A man falls for a woman and she totally changes his perceived world. The falling in love phase is were you tend to glorify and put each other on a pedestal. A touch of divinity for a moment on this otherwise cold and harsh planet that’s seemingly unreachable, yet reachable if you believe in it and go all in.
 This music is my own journey starting in South America. An inner journey for the soul and mind. It’s a typical heroin story. “Beauty Queen’ is the second step of the journey. The album “7 Steps” is coming out on 23 rd of September this year is a concept album with different stories to be told in parallel.
Seven songs make up a story with different meanings a layers depending on how you look upon it. ’Beauty Queen’ is but a chapter of a whole experience.

This is the first release for our band…
It’s a debut single and debut album so the direction for the band is new. And for me too. The songs I have written have a deeper meaning now, than they used to have.
Creating the music…
I start off by the piano. Most of the times I write it in front of my keyboard och piano. I try to figure out what it is I’m trying to tell. Where to start. The most important thing is that the rhythm is good. And the melody. Depending on where the first spark is ignited, lyrically och musically, I try to balance the rhythm, harmony and melody with the lyrics.
I stay focused and balanced by creating life…
Being creative is the one way for me to stay focused and balanced. If I’m not, then I’m out of balance. I’ve written songs and music since 6-7 years old. So, its like walking for me. I need it to get somewhere.
Best advise:
-Play music with people you love
-Play music for good money
-Play music to get the right contacts.At least two out of three always needs to be filled.
If you get a lot of money and contacts it’s ok not to love the music you play.
If you love the people and get alot of contacts that’s also fine.
But if you hate the music and you don’t get paid well, then the contacts are a poor investment for where you’re going.
I live in… Falun, Sweden.
The music scene is thriving in Sweden and especially in the county of Dalarna where I live. A lot of folk-musicians and culture around this area. Fiddles and choirs and a lot of cultural happenings around here. I love it.