{Behind The Music} Recon on Warning Shots

{Behind The Music} Recon on Warning Shots

I love trap drum patterns with complex hi-hat, snare, and 808 patterns. In trap, most of the songs are in minor key with a simple chord progression but filled with 808’s, church bells, brass, and a lot more ear candy to listen to.


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Band Name: Recon
Person Interviewing: Luis Valenzuela

Song name: Warning Shots

Music Genre:: Hip Hop

This song originally started off as a remix to Eminem’s latest Trump bashing freestyle. I composed the song and added Eminem’s freestyle over it and I was surprised how I was able to capture the emotion that you could feel from Eminem. Eminem sent verbal bullets towards Donald Trump and his supporters and that was how I came up with the name, “Warning Shots”.

I uploaded a video on my instragram account where you could see Eminem rapping (recorded off youtube) and had Warning Shots playing live in Logic Pro X. In Eminem’s version, he is rapping in an accapella form with no instrumental through out the length of his freestyle. When you watch his video and have Warning Shots playing, the beat fits perfect to the emotion Eminem was expressing with his body language. I’d like to get it to Eminem some how and see if he would like to do a remix on it. It would be an honor to produce for him!.


Link to play:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5htawLIZ3A4

My music is…
 a combination of hip-hop, trap (dirty south), R&B, orchestra, and classical. It’s hard to pick one genre that’s my favorite but if I had to pick one, it would be trap. I love trap drum patterns with complex hi-hat, snare, and 808 patterns. In trap, most of the songs are in minor key with a simple chord progression but filled with 808’s, church bells, brass, and a lot more ear candy to listen to. My favorite trap producer is Drumma Boy and have been a huge fan of his since “Put On” Young Jeezy x Kanye West came out. After my last tour to Mosul, Iraq in 2008, I was sent to San Diego to do 2 weeks of recruiting. I was stationed at Fort Bliss, TX (El Paso) and had to drive to San Diego to report for duty.

I remember exactly where I was and what was going on with my life at that time and as soon as I drove into San Diego, “Put On” came on. I was hypnotized and found myself playing that song over and over. I became a huge fan of Drumma Boy ever since and credit him as one of my major influences in my career. I grew up listening to orchestra when I was living with my guardians (I was adopted at age 5. Crazy story how that happened and I will share that story with you if you’d like).

My guardian took me to my first Opera when I was in high school and ever since then I’ve always been a huge fan of orchestra and classical. In my music, you can hear piano melodies, string sections, choir voices mixed perfect with a complex rhythm section. My sound has been influenced from the legends who did it before and I’ll forever have respect for them and all musicians.


How do you think this release represents your current direction..
I am still learning a lot about the music industry and how it all works. I’ve got the talent, but don’t know how to make money off of it. I recently became of 2x gold producer Tone P and his Major League Sound music group and I can submit up to 10 beats a month for album placements on artists such as Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Maybach Music, etc. 10 beats only so I need to make sure all my beats are perfect with every single note that is playing.

I can’t have a sound in my beat that’s just “there”. Every note has to provide some type of rhythmic or melodic guidance to the next note/chord that you can sense coming up. It takes me about a month to complete one beat and that’s including mixing and mastering at a professional studio here in El Paso, TX. I have a lot of other music projects going on right now, including one for AVA Live Radio’s very own Jaqueline Jax.

I’m also a full-time student at Full Sail University online majoring in music production. I love my school and even though it takes me a lot of hours to study and learn, I’m focused and determined to graduate with the class of 2019 and walk across the stage in Winter Park, FL with my bachelor’s degree. I never forget to fulfill my duties as a Full Sail student and make sure my homework gets done before my side projects. To me though, I learn best if I apply what I learn in school to my music and all the music theory and digital audio principles start to make more sense.

With the release of this beat, I would like to try and get it out to Eminem’s camp and see if he would like to do a remix to his Trump freestyle. If not, I’d like to get this in the right hand to someone who can make a hit song out of it. With this release, I’d also like it to be an introduction to myself and the music industry and let the world know who Recon is.

Where do you create your music?
I create all my music here at my apartment on a Macbook pro using Logic Pro X to compose and Pro Tools to mix and master with. I’m still learning the correct way to mix and master and I have a studio I go to here in El Paso that provides mixing and mastering services by a professional engineer. I invest in my craft and don’t mind spending money on studio time for something I will learn eventually and could do on my own later down the road. I have a focusrite audio interfaced hooked up to Sterling Monitors and I use a 25 midi controller that fits perfect on my desk. On my Instagram page, I demonstrate how I work, produce, compose, and explain why I use 5 different screens to get my work done (2 laptops, 50in tv, tablet, and my cell phone).

My Instagram screenname Is recon915 if anyone would like to follow me. I follow back and talk to my fans and supporters daily. Tonight, my follower numbers have been going up almost every 5 minutes which is unusual for me, but I like it. Besides my desk that I purchased from Guitar Center and the equipment I mentioned, I don’t use anything special at all. All the knowledge is in my head and I just input everything into my macbook. I start off with the melody and chord progression first, and then compose the rhythm section. I don’t do anything to fancy as far as the mix goes and like to try and keep everything as natural as it sounds. I try to paint a story with my music and my goal is to make it enjoyable to listen to with or without lyrics.


How do you stay focused and balance creating with life.
 I have to take a lot of breaks between school and my projects that I’m working on the side. I start to physically get sick if I listen to music or compose music for too long but I always find it hard to walk away from my mac. During my breaks, I enjoy watching ghost shows such as Paranormal Survivor, survival shows, documentaries on space, reptiles, and anything else I can learn from.

I also spend my breaks responding to my social media account notifications and engaging with my followers. It’s a great feeling being able to touch people with my music and I haven’t recorded actual vocals to Warning Shots or any of my latest material that I’m working on.

I also go to the movie on the weekends with my 12-year-old daughter. I’m a single dad and I also have a son named Anthony who lives in Hawaii with his mom.


What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
The best music advice I got was simple, and that was to practice. I practice on my craft every day either by composing and applying the skills I learn in school, or by listening to my favorite songs and training my ear to listen to the chord progressions and intervals that I hear. The more I practice, the more I learn and I continue to learn more with each beat that I compose.

I live in…
I live in El Paso, TX and the music talent is here, we just need to put our city on the map. I haven’t worked with local artists here yet but I have been getting requests and emails for my services through my contact info listed on Instagram.


Website & social media links
Twitter- LouieV915
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/dawgtaggmusick/


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