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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW RICHY RU
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

its about my woman named Jasmine and really any man or woman in a relationship could relate to it. I just wanted to make Jasmine feel special and let her know that she is highly loved by me and I wanted the whole world to know and my fans to know that All I Want is Her. Its a story bout us and our relationship and to be honest I wrote the song in prison some years back and I just recorded this year. So that song is very special to me.

The music…
You can expect a lot of Truth in my music and real emotion that’s why this new mixtape I released on march 15th 2017 on datpiff is called TRUTH because its all truth about what I been through in my life, experiences, and I wanted all my fans to have some music that was fun and sounded great but also could relate to it. maybe they been through some of the same things I went through or that’s what they feel so I feel this mixtape is really good because any body who listens gets an automatic familiar feel because its all truth. Its very special to me because I put a lot of time and me into the whole mixtape and it was meant to be heard as something real, and more on a let the world and fans know who I am.


I live in Mississippi/Memphis…
The music scene where I am is kinda crazy because it’s a lot of hate because nobody really wants to see you make it so that’s why I take all that and put it into my music.
Places to go are really downtown Memphis such as beal street they have clubs, bars, and a lot of nice music history down there.

Music business…
I feel the music business now days is really not the same as it use to be. some of these artist out now don’t respect the music history they just want money. A lot of artist do things just to get attention and most of the time its not good attention if you ask me. Some pros I experienced in the music business so far has to be you put the time and dedication to your craft you can really do some great things and some cons I experienced is not everybody wants whats best for you and your music, they just want you to sell out to a quick dollar and I feel I’m worth more than money because I’m too talented. I feel like they have to” pay me what I feel I’m worth, for my time and talent!”

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Metro Boomin because he is a very dope producer and he works with a lot of artist I like to listen to and I feel we could do some great music together because his sound he produces is what I like to go for as an artist so I feel he would be a great producer for my sound. I admire his work ethic and he did everything by his self same as i am doing so that’s why I am inspired by him. He is very 100 in what he does, real talk! so that’s who I would love to meet and be able to talk to for 5 mins.

Social media…
DOWNLOAD MIXTAPE LINK: http://piff.me/3845e6e


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